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Artists, Groups, & Bands

Many different kinds of artists are affiliated with the psychopathic underground, this page will give you some basic info about em, a dedicated page will be also provided for certain artists, which will contain much more in detail information about each artist, so check the shit or move on if you're uninterested, muthafakko!

Email me if you want to be the ninja that makes this whole section what it is, I am lookin for any ninja who wants to redo all the biographies. Contact me at the email address below.

Psychopathic Artists

Anybody Killa, Native Funk, ya'll know who he is, he's that crazy mutha fakko that really be runnin with a hatchet. ABK, abbreviated, for ya'll like me who dropped the fuck out; started runnin with the hatchet a while before he released his cd, but we all knew who he was, and now that Dirty History is bombin our earphones, we're wonderin whats next! || more >>

Blaze Ya Dead Homie, first released his six track disc, which some of the juggs didnt like, some did, but now the dead man has been with the fam for a while, and has released a full cd 1 Less G N Da Hood, and been on countless songs on other ppls cds, including The Green Book, Wizard of the Hood, Psychopathics from Outer Space, and more. Colton Grundy is now after ninjas have waited and waited and waited some more || more >>

Dark Lotus, sparked a new era in psychopathic. Dark Lotus is beyond icp, beyond twiztid, beyond abk or blaze. Dark Lotus is a collaboration of almost all the artists on psychopathic. Dark Lotus is the darkness, the dead, the undying corpse from beyond the grave. Dark Lotus is all of that and more. BLACK RAIN!! || more >>

Esham, the Unholy, The Boogy Man started rapping at a very young age. . He was puttin it down for the horrorcore underground even before Insane Clown Posse was even thought of it. He truly is the Father of Acid Rap, which is the true name of the genre of horrorcore. Esham has released countless cds, been friends and homies with psychopathic for years. He has since released a greatest hits cd, and a full length album called Repentance, on psychopathic. A-1 YOLA!|| more >>

Insane Clown Posse, also known early on as the Inner City Posse started out as a gang of scrubs on the streets of detroit. They now have their own label, put out over 200 songs spanning 15+ lps, eps, not counting the countless groups on psy they collab with, and other groups they're in. ICP has made a name for themself, through much hard work, and deservidly so. Icp has recently finished and completed and released the last portion of the Joker's Cards Saga. THE CALM!!|| more >>

Jumpsteady, the brother of Joe Bruce, aka Violent J released his first, and only cd in 2002. He is one of the many backbones of psychopathic. He like the rest of psychopathic shows up on many of the cds that are released on psychopathic. You'll be listenin, and blam, there he'll be. Hopefully Jumpsteady will release his second cd soon, which I hear, has a track with Myzery on it. MASTER OF THE FLYING GUILLOTINE! || more >>

Psychopathic Rydas, not much is known of these thugs that show themselves every so often. Mean muggin, mean thuggin, bustin caps, shots, ryden dirtay on the streets of detroit, these ninjas don't fuck around, they'll straight up leave your throat piece hangin out. Who the fuck are these ninjas, and why are they so ruthless? For some reason I think they're closely knit with the other groups on psychopathic, ICP, Twiztid, Abk, Blaze & Esham. Is there some sort of connection between the psychopathic rydas, and Psychopathic Records, will we ever know? || more >>

Twiztid, Jamie Madrox, Monoxide Child, are the duo of serial killin juggalos. They, so far, have released 6 cds on psychopathic, and hopefully will release many more in the years to come. They show up on almost every psychopathic record produced. They are probably the 2nd most recognized band on psychopathic. Without Twiztid this Juggalo World sure would have been a lot different. Twiztid has changed our mind, and our hearts. || more >>

Zug Izland, the first non-rap group on psychopathic records. Founded, Created, and formed by none other than Violent J himself. Violent J had the vision for Zug Izland. Up til now Zug Izland has been the dream and heart of Violent J. But from the release of 3:33, zug izlands 2nd cd has proved they can do it w/o the full help of Violent J himself. || more >>

Psychopathic Related

Kottonmouth Kings, based in Cali, they've been in and out of the psychopathic spotlight. They have their own following, their own skills, their own flow, their own style of music. They show up playin the gatherings, and ICP tours. Known for their massive smokage of joints & blowin budsmoke, they are, the kottonmouth kings, by name, and by lifestyle. || more >>

Tech N9ne, straight out of Kansas City has become the newest non-psychopathic thing to come to the Juggalo World, and I have a feeling much more will come from Tech N9ne in the future. Anghellic, Absolute power, both of Tech N9ne's fast paced albums. I suggest you go out and buy some of his shit, because it's mindblowing. And if he comes to your town, go and see his show, you won't be disapointed. His rap skillz are beyond anything of this world || more >>

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