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Dark Lotus

Who or What IS Dark Lotus?
— Dark Lotus is a group composed of six members. Originally, from what I remember, there were supposidely supposed to be more members in the group. Esham at one point was gonna be in it, vampiro, and many others. But the first Release of Tales from the Lotus Pod featured; Icp, Twiztid, Blaze ya dead homie, and Marz.

— Marz and ICP had some shit go down between each other, and Marz had to leave the group. He was later replaced by none other than ABK himself, the Hatchet Warrior. They even rereleased Tales from the Lotus Pod, with marz' lyrics scratched off and ABK's put in place. Although I found rerelease of the cd to sound a bit odd. Not because of ABK, but because it was originally meant for marz.

— So for now, theres only 2 Dark Lotus cds Released, which are basically the same ones. There's going to be another Dark Lotus album coming out very soon! Actually, not so, but hopefully within the next year or so!!!

— You can find a Dark Lotus track on Psychopathics from Outer Space 2!!

— January 16th an image surfaced on and of a Dark Lotus promo splash image. The new Dark Lotus album (and tour) is to be released April 6th. It's to be called Black Rain. All the Dark Lotus artists will be on it. Violent J, Shaggy, Madrox, Mono, Blaze, Abk. So stay tuned for more information on that.

— So Black Rain was released as scheduled, and everything ran smoothly until the last leg of the tour was cancelled, I was one of those mutha fakkos that missed this tour.

What does Dark Lotus sound like?
— Dark Lotus has its own sound to it, it's actually hard to describe. But it's got a mythical, soothing, eery sound to it. Its not happy nor mad, more down the middle and sad.

Where Can I get a fuckin Dark Lotus album?
— Stores might not sell it anymore, some stores might depending where you're at. But if you head over to they almost always have it in stock. Both versions too I believe. If you cant find it there, maybe try they fuckin got everything, not everything, but a lot of shit!

I Ain't got no Cheddar foo! Howma spose to git diz cd!?
— You could jack it from the store if you find out a store that has it in stock. You could download it off kazaa for free. Or you could get your lazy ass a job and MAKE some god damn cheddar to buy it. Those are your options.

What's your opinion of Dark Lotus?
— My opinion? Well to me Dark Lotus is the kind of album you listen to when you're kinda down, and want to just relax. Thats what it does for me, it just kinda puts me into an "ok" mood. A mood where you're not happy or sad, you're just there. But from what I read on Behind the Paint, it makes Violent J very unahppy, even tho he had alot to do with the record. Brings back bad times for him. So for everybody its different, don't judge my opinion.


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