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aka: Rob Bruce
height: 6'2
eyes: brown
hair: brown
nicknames: Evil Dead, Hack Benjamin, Jump

When Juggalos say the name JumpSteady, they should say it with alot of respect. Without this down ass ninja, Psychopathic Records would not be where it is today, ICP wouldn't have gone on so many tours, and Juggalos and Juggalettes would not have the chance to expierience diamond rain at Gatherings because without JumpSteady, the Gatherings probly wouldn't exsist.

Jumpsteady, a.k.a. Rob Bruce is the older brother of well known rapper Violent J, one part to the freakishly psychotic duo known as ICP! Jumpsteady has appeared on several of ICP's albums starting all the way back from the song "Taste" off the first jokers card, Carnival of Carnage. Starting out as the man behind the scenes, he now has a full length album out, Chaos Theory,which, after a lengthy wait was finally released in 2002.

When Jumpsteady's brother Violent J, wanted to start up his rap career, it was JumpSteady who sent him money when he could from the Gulf War while he was fighting in Desert Storm. At the war's end, Jumpsteady came home and began to head the start of Psychopathic Records. He booked tours, promoted music, and later on organized the Gatherings that we've all come to love. But even way back when in 1996 when Tunnel of Love was released, Juggalo's were begging to hear more of what they had tasted of Jumpsteady's skills. An album was advertised, but shortly after, no word was ever heard of it again. By this time Jumpsteady had become quite busy, with his wife Nancy and their daughter Samantha who raps on Chaos Theory. Though speculation of an album dissapeared, JumpSteady definatley did not. As JumpSteady continued to run things at Psychopathic and continued to appear in movies like Big Money Hustlas and on albums such as Forgotten Freshness: volume 3, the ninja's just couldn't get enough of him. So it was announced that the wait for the release of his long awaited album was over.. It was released at the GOTJ2K2 and special appearances on the album were made by ICP, Zug Izland, Samantha, Twiztid, Blaze, ABK, and even Legz Diamond himself. JumpSteady definatley showed skill on his album and it was most apprieciated by the juggalo family. Expect only great things from JumpSteady in the future and remember, when you think about how much you love your juggalo family and the carnival, remember that without JumpSteady it wouldn't be a reality so show the ninja some love.


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