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Kottonmouth Kings

They rock it on stage and off and they're the band we know and love. For seven years the KottonMouth Kings out of California have let their dope rhymes flow. They have been named the HIGH TIMES band of the year and have either been banned or arrested in Virginia Beach, VA… Huntington Beach, CA…Tucson, AZ…Springfield, MO…New Orleans, LA…Las Vegas, NV…Los Angeles, CA…Orlando, FL…Cleveland, OH…West Virginia, Iowa, Lake Tahoe, Salt Lake City, Redondo Beach, CA…Orange County, San Diego, CA and Mojave Desert but they STILL KEEP COMING!

They even have their own record label, suburban NoiZe. Made up of D-Loc, Brad Daddy X, Lou Dog, Johnny Richter, Taxman, Bobby B, and the one and only "visual assasin" Pakelika they flow rhymes about smokin dope, political corruption, and the false promise of suburban life, They grab inspiration from the classics such as Bob Marley but also do there own thing in a kickass way. Their albums include, classic Hits Live, Rollin Stoned , Hidden Stash 1,Hidden Stash 2 , HIgh Society, Royal Highness, Stoners Reeking Havoc, and on 4-20-2004, you can pick up their NEW ALBUM! FIRE IT UP! If that doesn't sound fresh then I don't know whatelse does. Also on 1-20-04 you can pick up FUCK THE BULLSHIT, a taxman movie which should be pretty tight. Kottonmouth Kings also work on the group Humble Gods with members from Pennywise and Descendants, their new album just hit on 1-06-04 and its definatly fresh.

So, you think that KottonMouth Kings are only about smokin weed? Well you wrong. In fact,Taxman wears special colors to represent special things."Black & White for Truth and Lies Black & Red for Choas brings Pride, Black & Red for Beliefs plus Tears and Black & Black for Conformity and fear" - Words & Thoughts from the Taxman himself. KMK not only represents a freedom movement, they represent a lifestyle and a GENERATION! They are all about Fucking the Mainstream and they will ride until there dying daze.

Let me leave you with these words from the one and only Daddy X!
"live while you live, everyone and everything is sacred… Respect your fellow man the earth and the trees…grow your own and be who you want to be… life is short so most of all be free, free to dream and free to be "…

"Ride until your dying daze…seek truth, observe nature, break the mold and don't sleep on us!" Peace not greed


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