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Tech N9ne

Born: November 8, 1971 as Aaron Yates
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Hair Color: Naturally Brown, Dyed Red
Eyes: Brown
† Calm before the Storm
† The Worst
† Celcius
† Anghellic
† Anghellic Repearations
† Absolute Power
† Vintage Tech (3/22/05)
† Everready: The Religion (sprng/smmr 05)

Nicknames: Tecca Nina
Current Label: Strange Music

At 5'11 and 210 pounds, the motor-mouthed rapper out of Kansas City we all know as Tech N9ne has enchanted us with his spellbinding lyrics. Finally making it to success, Tech has had one hell of a hard time getting to where he is today.

Hardship after hardship, including fallout's with friends and record label failures, at one point having to deal drugs to come up with money just to produce singles, Tech N9ne has done it all. Born into a strict religious family where rap music was banned, Tech N9ne has grown to be one of Kansas City's most prominent rappers.

Always looking at the world with his eyes wide open, Tech's lyrics speak the truth, and he doesn't conform to the "mainstream" even being donned the "anarchist" of rap. He started in 1985 with a dare to write a rhyme, a piece of paper, and a pen, and now Tech is the most requested rapper in his hometown.

Performing at sold out shows from LA to New York, he has made many accomplishments including collaborating with such artists as Tupac Shakur, D-12 , Sole, Brotha Lynch, and MC-Ren of NWA as well as the release of his latest albums Anghellic and Absolute Power.

What has Tech been up to lately? Well, he recently just finished the lengthy Wicked Wonka tour, with KMK, Bone, and the Insane Clown Posse as well as doing a single for the soundtrack BEEF. In the future, expect another dose of his hypnotic lyrics in upcoming projects, speculated to come out in fall 2004......

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