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Review: Tech N9ne Hostile Takeover
Aight, so I went to the Tech Concert (hostile takeover), featurin Kut Calhoun, Snug Brim & Scatterman, Project: Deadman, & Tech N9ne. Along with Krizz Kaliko of course. Saw it on the 16th in Madison, Wi at the Annex with my girl, and my homie Dustin and his friend Jess, both from my place of work.

I got the tickets early, cuz ya never know if a show is gonna sell out, specially at a place that only holds 200 people, right? We bought the tickets at the Annex at the bar, and our ticket numbers were like, 33. Which means ... only 33 tickets were sold, right? Thats pretty much where it stayed too, hardly anybody showed up, which was weird cuz, who the fuck doesnt wanna see Tech N9ne, first people we saw there were Juggalos, so ... thank god for Juggalos, or Tech would have had a show of about 8 people.

So my girl and I drove back to my place so I could freshen up and get changed and all that, and headed back to meet up with Dustin & Jess. So we park in this spot, and I guess it was illegal to park there, but who cares, we needed a place to park, lol. Didnt end up gettin a ticket, so thats good.

So we walk to the annex (parked a couple blocks away), and are chillin for like one sec, when Tyler walks up ... (if ya'll dont know bout tyler, i road up with him to the first gathering i went to, peoria, and he was mad pushin weed on me, i hate that shit, cuz i dont smoke, dont wanna smoke, and dont want it pushed on me like im some clone who does what everybody else does) so first thing he says is "what up man" and im like "sup" and then he pauses and is like " ... wanna buy some tree" and im like "naw" then he walks away all huffin n puffin, i aint supportin his ass, specially when i dont smoke.

And to make sure ya'll know, i aint really hatin on tyler, he just aint the type of juggalo im down with, i know lot of ninjas online, who smoke, drink, etc. I juss dont like the ones who are pushin it, thinkin everybody else needs to do what they do, that shit pisses me off.

So ... that wasnt really a stale portion of the night, just a ten second encounter. So Dustin & Jess show up and we're chillin outside until the doors open, and we go in, they start tellin us to take shit out of our pockets, and scannin us with the wand, makin us turn around, scannin us again, like we got a gun up our ass or somethin, that shit is stale as fuck, but nothin like the Wicked Wonka show in Madison at the Alliant Energy Center, i had to go back to the car like 2 times, cuz they wouldnt let me take certain shit in.

Show didnt start til like 8:15 so we were just kinda sittin there talkin, me crackin jokes like always, becci crackin a few too, Dustin sittin there bein weird like the rest of us, prolly not as weird as me, which can be good. Then Jess' friend Haley (sp?) came over to the table and sat with us.

Kutt Calhoun is up first, and I hadn't heard any of his shit prior to this, but I was definitly feelin it, so was Becci & Dustin. Some of the verses were verses from some of Techs albums, but it wasnt in a copying sort of way, just kind of funny and unexpected, pretty fresh. People seemed to be feelin it to, idunno it was mixed tho, cuz there were some college kids there, and you know how 'normal' people are, and even some juggalos, any band that isnt the one they came for, is automatically on the shit list or somethin, i dont know what that shit is all about, but what im gettin to is the ...

Project: Deadman set. Aight, so Project: Deadman actually had some video footage on the backdrop screen, where-as Kutt only had a picture of his album. And i thought that was pretty fresh, the images kinda reflected the song, you could tell somebody took some mad time to get that all synched. I didnt even notice this til half way through, but there was this college fuck in front of us heckling the show, commenting on it, sayin get off the stage, all that type shit.

Project: Deadman was fresh I guess, i think i'd have to listen to it more to get a real feel for it, but they definitly have talent, whether or not im into it full fledged or not. -- So after the show, Dustin & I were thinkin the same thing, that heckler should be beat the FUCK down, but then while i was dreaming up ways to kick the shit out of him, the bouncer came into my daydream and KICKED THE SHIT OUT OF ME, so i decided not to, not that i would have, but psychotic thoughts are always nice.

Then this college fuck starts hittin on haley (which i dont care, i dont know her) but at the end of the night she ends up bein all up on him, sickening, man, i am very open minded, i can talk to a vast variety of people, even this Redneck of a dairy manager at my work, i dont care if he's a redneck, i look past that shit BUT, its fuckin disgusting seein some bitch be all up on some (supposidly hot) guy heckler asshole whos tryin to get a piece. He was a complete college dumbshit, prolly drives a vette or a bird, some penis car of some sort that he shouldnt be driving. This shit just made for an interesting night.

So then Skatterman & Snug Brim were up, i wasnt really feelin em too much, they were pretty fresh, but nothin i was really gettin into, their cd album has a car on it, with them on both sides, and then their big ass mugs plastered on each top corner of the cd cover, blended to the background of course. Thats prolly fresh as hell for thousands upon thousands, millions, of people, but it just seems too cliche.

Somewhere along the line, that ninja Tyler, got bounced the fuck out the bar/club. Last time i had seen him, he was REALLY fuckin pushin peeps in the pit, if u wanna call it that, cuz there were prolly only like 40 ppl there the whole night, maybe more, 50? But yeh, im surprized he still had weed to sell cuz he definitly looked burned & lit the fuck out. I kinda felt bad, cuz this other ninja got bounced out too, and idunno if that ninja even did anything, felt bad for tyler too, cuz he dont seem to realize what he's doin half the time, but on the real, that ninja IS pretty fresh, cuz he fuckin got me to the gathering, without tyler, never would i have been to the peoria gathering, so i really aint tryin to talk shit, just sayin it how it is.

So TECH N9NE!!!!! is up NEXT mother fucker. and you can best believe we actually got up out our chairs for that. We were sittin cuz we didnt really know any of the other ninjas up on stage, i'd just feel like a poser, cuz i really didnt know of them. So yeh, tech rocked it the fuck out like always, him, kutt, and big krizz kaliko. Durin the show they're like "take your shirts off, take your shirts off" which i aint doin that man, i wish i was that confident, but big men, tend to not want to flaunt their fat kid look, lol. But this one big black dude, maybe he was one of tech's boys, idunno, cuz he disapeared quick, but he had his shirt off, and this dude was a bigger guy than i am, but that was fresh, even becci thought that was fresh, i mean, dont get me wrong, im not into looking at guys with their shirts off, but the mere fact that a fat guy could take his shirt off and not care, thats fresher than life itself.

And then I look over again, and theres this chubby lette with HER shirt off, with her bra on of couse, but i had to do like a double and triple take of that, just cuz thats even fresher than the black dude takin HIS shirt off, cuz chicks are even MORE fragile about their appearance than guys, becci wanted to go over and take HER shirt off TOO and rub her tities on that lette, lol, She's kinda shy tho, plus the song ended, so oh well, hopefully in the future i'll have my chance to see her rub her tities all up on another chicks tities, lol.

I hate to be focusing this fat thing still, but it seems like those are the coolest happenings that night cuz THEN, near the end of the tech show these two big dudes with their shirts off sumo wrestled, lol, becci couldnt see so i put my arms round her waist and lifter her the hell off the ground and she saw and she was like (WWOooOOoOooO!!!!!!!!) *Me-LOL* just cuz she gets excited when she's around chubby ppl who are showin it off, lol. haha.

Anyways, after the show ended tech left the stage but kutt was still up there rappin n shit, then the DJ ... (which prior to this, he accidently cut the sound on a song or somethin, and kutt said kick his ass, lol) ... cut the music, and kutt went over and dragged his "white ass" out on the floor and they were just tryin to push each other around, cept the white dude wasnt havin much luck, lol. That was about it, then time to go home.

Basically just sat around, chilled for a few minutes then left. I saw kutt right as i walked out the club/bar, having just bought his cd, i wanted him to sign it, but i had no marker, and i knew he didnt either, cuz he just got off stage, so i just figured oh well, i got most of their sigs on that record single, so we just got in the car and drove off ...

well ... i had bought 2 markers (for work) the other day at walgreens, and i had been lazy and didnt put them in my aprin (shuddup, yes, i wear an aprin, bein a frozen manager), and we were a block away from the annex, and i was like ... wait, HOLY SHIT, BECCI MARKER, IN THE BACK SEAT, BAG, GET IT, IN THE BAG, lol ... so i did a u-turn right in the middle of the fuckin street, and turned around, tracked him down, and got the sig. I mean, i aint no hound dog, i just thought i'd be fresh to have the cd signed, since i had the marker and everything, it seemed like a sign or somethin, that marker bein in the back, so i took that sign, and got it signed. Cept ... that fucker took my god damn marker, lol. Oh well, hopefully a bunch of other ninjas got sigs, because of MY marker.

So anyways, then i went home, had some sex, ate some food, watched half of a movie, and went to SLEEP.

Keith (AkA DilutedLife)

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