Name: Michelle
AkA: Juggalette Mickie
Age (dob): 11/11/1986
Location: SACTOWN, Ca
Down Since: Milenko
YiM: xxdumbjuggalettexx

Fav Artist: TwIzTiD
Fav Cd: FreeKshow
Fav Jokers Card: Milenko
Fav Song: Dirty Lil Girl
Fav Quote: "Bitch show a juggalette respect!"

About: Just a fun, crazy ass fukin lette str8 outta california..looking for more family to kick it with..

Props: Mad props to tha staff of the website..gotta give props to all my family..cepically casper..and andy..ANDYSLAND MEETS MICKIESLAND woop woop..gotta give all my family who worked with me at the radio station..thanks for helpin make our show to be tha shiitt..iight im out mcl