Show A Juggalette Respect

I have tities, ass, juggalette profiles, all that type shit on this site. Naked naked chicks, and a naked chick is a beautiful thing no matter how big small fat skinny ugly or hot they are ... , but I wanna stick up for the lettes who choose to submit and bear their breasts and say a few things.

Women should be respected, in fact all people should be respected, if you're nicer to your gf than you are to your homies, than maybe you should be treating your homies a little better (and vice versa), and no that dont mean fuckin your homies, dick. But ya know what, all these chicks that submit to this site (or any website), are fresh as hell, a couple are my homies, and the rest are probably somebody elses homies, so if you step to them, you're steppin to their friends.

Nakedness is a fresh thing, who doesnt like nakedness, but none of the lettes viewed through this site should be looked down upon in any way, shape, or form. If you think somebody's fat, ugly, too preppy or too whatever else, who gives a fuck man, and dont be judging so harshly, everybody is attractive to somebody, and everybody is ugly to somebody else. Its funny, bein around some homies of mine so on and so forth who tend to judge chicks harshly, are ass ugly themselves, you'd think it'd be kinda hard to say somebody else is ugly when you yourself look like you got kicked in the face with a shoe made of brick and concrete.

Much love to everybody who reads the little shit like this, you guys either are bored off your assholes, or for some reason are really interested in this shit, lol. Even to the people who think i'm bein a square box cuz im sticking up for something i believe in ... much love to you ...