Aight Mo' Fookas, heres the sumbitting shizzle

SubMiTtING a PRoFiLe
What Bitch? You Wanna submit a PROFILE? Well I first off have to tell u, if you DO NOT include a PICTURE your PROFILE will not go UP. And secondly, do not link to a picture on your COMPUTER, it must be uploaded to a website, or emailed to me through, yes you guessed it, an email program, or website. Preferably,from YOUR email Address!
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How To | RiDeS, TaTs & MoDs | Submit
If you wanna submit some rides, tats, or mods, you will have to email confused soul about them. Rides -> Send her pic(s) of your ride, along with your name & city, you may also include, make, model, year, color of your car. Along with any other information you would like known. (audio system? Modifications?) Tats - > Email her your name & city & place of tatoo. You may also include inkers name, place u got the tatoo, etc) MoDiFiCaTioNs - > Piercings (all types), any skin altification, etc is what mods is all about. Send her your name & pic, name of piercing, place of piercing, (and any of the same info as tats)
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JuGga Art, JuGga Breasts & Definitions
I myself handle all the art breasts and speachery. So we'll go thru this one by one, explain what you need to send me for each. Art -> send your art, whether it be a picture of a purse u made, pillow, or most commonly, drawings & computer art. Also send your name, city, & any other info you want known about your art, maybe why you made it, etc. Jugga Breasts - > Send us your tities! And if u wanna make it more personable to this site, you can write clownicus juggamus on your tities, hold up a sign that says whatever the fuck. We also want your name, and thats it. Multiple pics are accepted, as are butt pics (might start a section for that if some pics come my way) Definitions - > this is a slow section, but some ppl like reading it, its your way of getting out what juggalo means to YOU. Dont judge ppl about their definitions, this is all about acceptance, its ok if you dont agree with what they think it is, dont hassle em about it, we family. Include your name, city, & aim or msn.
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Juggalo & Juggalette | of the Month
If you wanna be the next Lo or Lette of the month, you're gonna have to do something to get my attention, who knows what that may be, show love, show that I should pick you over somebody else. Give me an explaination of why you're going to be the BEST motherfucker (or fuckette) to represent the of the month spot! And when you've decided what you're going to tell me. Send me your picture along with a good paragraph or so about yourself, what you're doing with your life, and how shit goes down around you. Give me any of your vital stats. (it is also prefered just to fill out the profile form, might as well get yourself in two spots while you're at it right? Don't forget to include your picture of yourself.
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