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CD Labels
Use these labels for whatever purpose — I (dilutedlife) created these labels for the soul purpose of copying my original cds so that I could stop using the original cds, as I don't want them to get too damaged that they'll stop playin. You can use them for whatever you want. They are not the originals, they are recreations. If you need a program to print off cd labels you can head over to and find a program. If the program isnt freeware go to AstalaVista.Box.Sk and find a crack to make it free. We do not urge juggalos to steal instead of buy. Programmers put in hard work to make programs, and music artists put in hard work to create cds. We suggest you support both of them if you have the money to spare.

Psychopathic Related CD Labels (1200x1200) • Compression 5/100 • JPG (some are png)
Carnival Of Carnage: Non OG Version
Riddle Box The Great Milenko The Amazing Jeckel Bros
The Wraith: Shangrila 1 Less G N Da Hood Fxck Off Wizard of the Hood Cracked Tiles
Mostasteless Freekshow The Green Book Esham: Closed Casket Esham: Acid Rain
Icp: Forgotten Freshness 1 Icp: Forgotten Freshness 2 Icp: Forgotten Freshness 3 Psychopathics from Outer Space 1 Psychopathics from Outer Space Part 2
Jumpsteady: Chaos Theory Dark Lotus: Tales from the Lotus Pod Anybody Killa: Hatchet Warrior Psychopathic Rydas: Dumpin Psychopathic Rydas: Ryden Dirtay
If you find any errors on any of the labels, be sure to email me and let me know (email).

Ok, what up? If you find any errors let me know, as I have just stated 2 lines above, but also, I am always makin new labels (at least attempting to), but if there is one you specifically want, lemme know and maybe ill try and get it up. But I'm not promising anything.

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