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I go by DilutedLife and these are my thoughts on the Juggalo World. These are the things that run through my mind once in a while. It's my way of letting go of my annoyances, and all that. If you're the type of ninja that don't care about other peoples opinions, then don't read any of this. If any of this offends you, then I apologize, they're just my thoughts, and opinions. You don't have to agree to them, or even like, or read them. If you're feelin me, then cool. If you want me to add your comment on the bottom of one of the pages, email me and let me know. Opposing opinions also welcomed, unless hate is included and directed towards somebody else's opinion.

CJ.Net — Aint Good Enough:
Hosting Services must think me a ignorant ninja, cuz dayz dont like answerin me some questions. Truth is, if I'm paying for hosting, I expect answers, even if my questions are stupid according to some one. If you ask me a stupid question, and I think it's legitamate, then I'll answer it. I have a site, with having a site, comes the responsibility of having to respond to questions, even if I already know the answers.

Viral Emails are amazingly prominant in my inbox, who is so determinted to try and mess up my computer? I've never once tried to harm anyone, but I get viruses in my email (im too smart to actually download the file, they try, but have not suceeded yet). It's all about hate, some ninja prolly seen this site, who isnt a juggalo, and through the elegant graces of bigotry, he decides all juggalos are igna-int, and all shall be punished. In this world you can't be black, jewish, catholic, christian, muslim, chinese, or juggalo. You just can't win in this world. And believe it, because it won't change, never will it change, ever.

Cj-Net — Is Good Enough:
To clear up the confusion, my site doesnt suck (through my eyes) and it gets love, and it is good enough. It just so happens there are ninjas whose opinions differ from mine, and they find me too geeky, or not 'juggalo' enough for them, so my site is basically put on the amatuer list. I aint no rap star, I aint no 'leet' hacker-webmaster, I'm just some ninja who knows some html, and tries to use it in a way where at least a handful of people will benefit. You don't know how many ninjas will email me and tell me how phat they think my cd labels are. Maybe its not over 100, or over 20, maybe its only a handful, but you gotta remember, that means at least six, seven, eight, however many ninjas, took the time to email me, just to say how much they like my labels. I don't care if it was just one ninja sayin my labels are phresh. Its all love.

I ain't askin for props, I aint askin for disses, I'm just sayin it how it is. I try and give props to people who I think deserve it, and I really don't expect anything back, cept maybe some gratuity. I really don't expect it, cause why would anybody care if this small site is givin their site props when some other site 100x bigger is givin 100x the props? It's just how life is. I mean, I got affiliated with me, and they're a big ass site. And yeh, that makes me happy they're givin me props. But I also got these ninjettes (mostly ninjettes) who have these online journals, and they post up my banner for ninjas to see. Even though that will bring in less hits, it means a lot to me. And sometimes I'll even go and email em, and thank em, like the geek I am. Maybe they think thats weird, but its all love, its appreciation. Juggalo Love. Family Love. Clown Love. All the same.

Jugga Homies, or Homies that are Juggalos?
This is just an opinion, but I think that ninjas should be homies with whoever they wanna be homies with. I mean I got homies that are Juggalos. And them being juggalos has nothin to do with them being my homies. Take my friend craig for instance, he's not a juggalo, doesnt know a damn thing about the juggalo world, but do i care? Hell naw, he's my homie, whether or whether not he's a juggalo. I think too many ninjas are lookin to be 'cool' to other ninjas. Yeh I'll say 'what up ninja' to a juggalo on the street, but it doesnt mean i wanna roll with him and his ninjas. Just a common 'what up' sayin 'yeh ninja, we cool'.

This one ninja in the mall asks for my phone number, I gave it to him but I shouldnt have. Besides, I don't even know this ninja, why does he wanna know my number? Why's he care if my number is in his 'data base'. It just don't make sense. I got mad clown love, but get off my nuts. You don't have to be known, or famous to be hound dogged, you can be hound dogged by average fuckin people. I aint really lookin to chill with ninjas, or even non-ninjas. In highschool I always used to be down with havin lotta friends. But now few friends is more important to me. My friend Jose, he's been down with me since highschool, and he's prolly the coolest friend I got, not even a juggalo might I add. I respect the fuck out of him. Lotta people think he's annoying but fuck em, people think I'm annoying too. I'm what you call a 'real' juggalo, it doesnt mean people have to mirror me to 'be' a 'real' juggalo, what it means is that I'm 100% real, 100% myself. And maybe some of these juggahos actually are assholes, and thats who they are, so maybe they're real juggalos too.

What is a 'Real' Juggalo?
Are real juggalos ninjas who conform to most of the unwritten juggalo rules? Is a juggalo somebody who has 100s of juggalo homies and can get along with any ninja he meats? Or maybe what a real juggalo is, is a person who writes his own juggalo rules, for himself. Or maybe a real juggalo is a ninja who is down with all juggalos, but doesnt consider it his only advantage. Maybe a real juggalo is that ninja who is sittin up in the seats at a concert, enjoying every bit of live audio freshness with the rest of his 'real' homies. Or maybe a real juggalo is every single ninja out there who claims the hatchet, even every last asshole, dick, and Juggaho. We really don't know. And we all try so hard to figure out who is real and who is fake.

I guess to me juggahos are any ninjas tryin to fuck up our shine, taking much time out of his daily life to hate on even the nicest of juggalos. I hate my opinions, but I do my best not to hold it against anyone, I don't really like Eminem, but I don't try to hold it against his fans. I'll talk, or be homies with a dude that's down with Eminem, if he's cool.

Somebody may say a real juggalo doesnt have a definite form, even somebody who aint down with icp, or the fam, or a person who doesnt even know who they are, can be a juggalo. But I disagree with that, even though that idea came from Violent J himself, because if somebody had no idea what the fam was about, why would they rep juggalo? Or maybe we've all taken this too far, and we've started usin the word 'juggalo' just for people who are down with the clown. Who knows.

The Juggalo 'Rules'
Or rather I'll tell you some things that you don't have to do in order to be a juggalo, because it isnt really right for any Juggalo to list 'rules' for being a Juggalo, because it isnt fair to other ninjas. Ideas, & opinions are different, because you're not saying everybody has to conform to em, but with rules, rules are something you demand, but anyways, here we go ...

  1. To be a Juggalo, you do not have to, nor should you have to, have many Juggalo homies. You may even choose to be a loner. Some people don't enjoy the company of lots of people, some ninjas enjoy a homie here and there, and thats quite alright. They're still family.
  2. To be a Juggalo, you do not have to run a Juggalo site, nor do you have to visit one on a daily basis. An unwritten rule is that you should at least be interested in the Juggalo world, which I believe that to be somewhat true, because why claim Juggalo if you're not interested in the Juggalo world? But who cares how often you visit FLH or or even this site.
  3. To be a Juggalo, you do not have to make it to every single psychopathic concert. You do not have to paint your face if you don't feel like it. Sometimes ninjas don't have money, or a ride, to attend all psy concerts, for those who can't make it to the concerts, you're still family.
  4. To be a Juggalo, one does not have to wear 'juggalo' shirts all the time. But like I've stated before, why rep Juggalo and not wanna wear the clothes? But some ninjas like me, don't have the money, nor can they fit into many Juggalo shirts. So who gives a fuck if you're wearin a shirt that says ICP on it or not? Not I.
  5. To be a Juggalo, you do not have to have 'hook-ups' or 'connections' with ICP. Being homies with somebody who seems higher up in the Juggalo world does NOT make you a better Juggalo, or a more down Juggalo. For instance, say there's a Juggalo you've heard of that attends all the concerts, knows all the band members, knows many key people in the game. Just because he appears to be more down, it doesn't mean he is. Juggalos come in all shapes, sizes, colors, forms, intellects, and social formats.
  6. To be a Juggalo, you do not have to do as other Juggalos do. Juggalo-ism was founded on being different. And a lot of ninjas forget that. Like techno? Then listen to it! Like Eminem's music? Then listen to him! Against drugs? Then don't do em! Attracted to the same sex? Then go fuck the same sex! Listen, Do whatever it is you wanna do, think how you wanna think, dress how you wanna dress, have whatever morals you think you ought to have. Being a person of originality does not mean you have to accept or deny all invisible rules, but rather taking all invisible rules into account and making your own decision. It's not about not doing all things mainstream, it's about doing things to your liking, even if others call it mainstream. The only time when you really can be considered a mainstream bitch is when you constantly strive to be mainstream, strive to be whatever is in at the moment. Thats when you know you've lost all originality.

My Website and what it means to ME
This website is my pride and joy, it is the most creative thing i have done, it is my hidden talent, well besides helping people with their problems. I however am very lazy by nature so i dont get much done, the problem now is, i have 2 jobs, so this website isnt going to flurish at all until probably after i move out, which is when i plan to have my highschool diploma and a higher paying job, i will then have a better computer (a laptop) and a better connection since i will be living in a city with 2 other people to help share the cost of the "internet" i will then be taking classes to learn more about web design, nothing major, cuz i wont be starting my schooling for about 3 years (after my gf graduates) and even then, im not going for web design, ill be going for psychology, so i can be a psychologist ... but i will learn other skills along the way.

This website will always be here, even if its just one page, i mean ... its never gonna be popular, and i hope it isnt, i really dont want 250 dollar a month server costs, im fine with my 20 dollars a month server costs, i like to please the few, the few ninjas who are down with simple type shit, not to fuckin glamorous all that shit. But i will say, if i'm ever rich and can afford 250 a month server costs, and i need it, ill pay it, but i dont see that happening, thats a lot of money to spend on a website, specially when im the only one running this bitch, and i dont plan to ask other people to help either, cept maybe my gf, other people just dont want what i want. ALthough forums is another thing, ya always need somebody to run some forums.

I'll be having a new layout come up soon, well frames will be the same, but im gonna try and do an overhaul on some site images, and maybe get some sort of juggalos & juggalettes themed website goin, pictures from the gathering 2006 of course!!! did i say 2006 i meant 2005, i just get so hyper about future gatherings, i cant contain myself!!! anyways, i love ya'll ninjas who read this site, specially the ninjas who read this page, because you dont *have* to read this, you could easily skip to all the rest of the content ... but you dont, you read this, and thats fresh as hell, thank you for investing your small amount of time in this website, its what makes shit worth it. MCL

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