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ClownicusJuggamus.Net STAFF
I aint got no fuckin staff mother fucker, this shit is ran by me, and newly .. my girl confused soul, she'll be updatin some of the sections, and some news shit, so boooya muhfooka!

DilutedLife (AkA Keith): I started this site, along with Dead Carnie, but that was old times and these are new, I've poured MY very own life into this site, and thats what it represents, me ... but I am the creator, i am the thinker, the person who put it all together, but with all that said, fuck that, i aint shit

Contact: AimEmailForums

Confused Soul: Could this be my girl in disguise, eh, who the fuck knows, but what we do know is that she's now helpin update the site, and gonna put in some fuckin work ... give her lots and lots of love, i'll post up an aim + email address you can contact her at in the near future ...

Contact: AimEmailForums

So yeh, theres the staff, and unless I trust my life to somebody else, thats the way its gonna stay, cuz i dont need any no-vision asshole makin my site into somethin more mainstream. But MCL to all ya'll ninjas who think this sites the shit, without you, there'd be no hits.

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