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Karnie Killa was an online homie back in the day, we haven't stayed in contact, but I still give him props for these midi, cuz they're the first psy midi i've ever found on the net. Much love to Kkilla for takin the time to make these. He used to have a site that I'd give props to, but it was lamely shut down a ways back by angelfire, I think something about him fuckin up their service cuz he had too many free accounts, and too much traffic ... hmm oh well, him and tkilla put out music, so check their site below

Kkilla & Tkilla's Site:

Insane Clown Posse: 17 Dead - Bugz On My Nutz - Carnival Of Carnage - Chicken Huntin - I Stab People - The Great Milenko - Take Me Away - Wax Museum - Whut

Blaze: I Go To Work

Midi from

Blaze: Casket - Grave Aint No Place - Juggalo Anthem

Twiztid: Bagz - Blink - Die Mutha Fukka Die - Different - Do You Really Know? - Fall Apart - First Day Out - Fuck On the First Date - Hound Dogs - How Does it Feel? - Im Alright - Leave Me Alone - Mutant X - Rock the Dead - Second Hand Smoke - Smoke Break - The Game Aint Got No Love - The World Is Hell - Wrong WIth Me

All-In-One Zip File

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