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Anybody Killa

Name: James Lowery
 DOB: June 24th
Native American

Anybody Killa has been in the music business for quite awhile now. He was in a group call Krazy Klan in 1995 and he also dropped his own solo album called "Native Funk: Rain From the Sun". Him and Blaze have been cool for years so when Blaze got signed to Psychopathic he brought ABK with him. ABK is now signed with PSY records and has released Hatchet Warrior (2003).


Music Group History:
Krazy Klan, Native Funk (solo), Anybody Killa (solo), he is the new member of Dark Lotus

Where Else Can You Find Him:
ABK can be found on Blaze's "1 Less G N Da Hood" album but he is also on various tracks such as "Drunken Ninja Masters". He also apears on the rerelease of Tales from the Lotus Pod, Black Rain, and both of his cds (obviously) Hatchet Warrior & Dirty History.


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