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Jamie Madrox (james Spaniolo) and Monoxide Child (paul methric), also known as a single unit called Twiztid, started out as Mr. Bones and Hektik in House of Krazees, a Detroit rap group that included one more member, R.O.C. In the fall of 1993 they released their first LP entitled "Home Sweet Home". They did not make a lot of money off this debut but they earned enough to keep them going. In the summer of '94 HOK released their second album called "Home Bound". Also, in October of the same year, they released "Season of the Pumpkin" which was a double album.

Within the next 3 years HOK released 4 more albums ; "Outbreed" 1995 , "Head Trauma" 1997 , "Remix and Rewind" 1997 , and "Season of the Pumpkin 2" 1998. After the release of "SP2" Jamie Spaniolo, aka Mr. Bones, and Paul Methric, aka Hektik, split from HOK and formed Twiztid.

Twiztid released their debut album, "Mostasteless" in late 1998. After it's underground success it was rereleased on Psychopathic/Izland in 1999 with added tracks. Twiztid blew up immediately after that. Most of ICP's fans became Twiztid fans. Twiztid is all about the love the Juggalos have for them and the amazing thing is they bring it right back. In the past 3 years Twiztid has released 4 albums. "Freekshow" , "Cryptic Collections 1" , "Cryptic Collections 2" , and also "Mirror Mirror" .

Twiztid's long awaiting Green Book dropped on July 1st 2003.

They are in the works of doing Samhein Witch Killaz, which is speculated to be a lot like House of Krayzees, since they will go by their old HOK names! But that may be as far as SWK gets, considering their majik records label went under, twiztid shop merged with hatchet gear, and a whole shit load of other unknown shit.

We're waiting for their new album titled Man, Myth, & Mutant — call this a stupid releason to be really excited about this album, but the title sounds like somethin havin to do with comic books, and thats fresh as hell, considering madrox is known to be comically inclined, his own name reflects that of mutliple man. But either way, i'm sure this next album will be fresh, it sounds like it has a lot more creativity put into it.

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