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Injektion XL: Xtra Lethal - The Review

"Possed by the beat, that beats in your skull, i'm sick of it all, we give you blood shock and awe, the fcc can be alarmed make the public appauled, they know i'm comin mutha fuckas and i'm takin it all"

I can say that this is the best that I've heard yet of Tkilla. And I definitly hope to see a lot more of Pro-Vok. These beats are original, underground, new, wicked, just flat out fresh as hell. A perfect blend of rap beats, in some cases guitar, and lyrics.

Attack the map starts out wicked as fuck, with a ghostly chant in the background. I was pissed off one night, so I put it on Attack the Map, I fuckin screamed the lyrics, engulfed in rage. Such a release. Makes you wanna tear something up.

On Our Ass, in my opinion is one of the best songs on the whole cd, the lryics combine perfectly with the music. On top of that, the lyrics are a perfect flow of words. Something to bump full volume in your ride.

I have to mention Blaze 1 More, the old school music in the background, the lyrics, the props to all their homies. A definite great closing to their cd. But it doesnt stop it there, some fresh ass wickedness busts out about 5 minutes later.

This cd definitly worth the 8 bucks (which includes shipping and handling), head on over to InjektionXL and check em out, download their sampler tracks, then go buy their cd.

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