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Violent J's Weekly Freekly — 2002, August, 27th

What strange days these are my friends. We're giving away the first single off the 6th Joker's Card on our web site today. It's called "Crossing Thy Bridge" and it's one of the more rock-and-roll-ish sounding tracks on the 6th. "Crossing Thy Bridge" to us is about some of the questions an everyday common man would probably like to ask God if givin' a chance. It's some deep shit, I tell ya.

Well, what can we say? It's time, I guess. I personally fuckin' love it to death. It's Raining Diamonds all over my soul. My life is illuminated with beauty for the first time ever. The 6th Jokers Card is coming out in only 10 Weeks. We must admit, it's not as scary of a time for us as we thought it would be, only because we know how dope the shit is though. While we were choosing the first single from the 6th, it became very obvious to us that no one song was going to represent it's many forms of magic rightfully. Truth is we wish the 6th didn't even have to be broken up into 17 separate tracks. We wish people would just all listen to the 6th as one long piece of flavor, and not judge it on any kind of "song-for-song" bases.

What we wish for and what's probably going to really happen are two completely different things. But that's all to the good, and we know that. The 6th will speak for it's self on November 5th. The fact is that the 6th is an album just like the rest of the Joker Cards, only it's message is incredibly important to us as Juggalos and what we believe in and stand for. We've all been waiting 10 years to hear it's message! IT BETTER SAY SOMETHING! If you are a Juggalo that has been waiting to hear the 6th for a decade, then we say this to you, "Step right up ninja. We couldn't be more exited to provide it for each and every one of you, and we promise that it's all well worth EVERY SECOND of the wait". We only ask that you understand that we made this album with the intent to be heard as a whole and not on some singles only shit.

We ain't saying that we don't fully represent the sounds of "Crossing Thy Bride" or any other fuckin' song off the 6th at all. We fuckin' represent the fuck out of 'em. That song is us at our best, and eat a dickwitch if you don't like it. I'm only stating that we hope people don't judge the 6th off the sounds of one song and assume it's all going to sound like that. In other words, "Don't think it's all gonna be rock shit you fuck!" And most importantly of all, please, please, please, remember this... "Those who hate now, join us not after the 6th has cometh".

In health news, I finally seen a dotor late, late, last night. My girlfriend talked me into going. I drove to the emergency ward of a hospital near my house in Michigan. I knew I was going to start writing this fresh "Weekly Freekly" flavor today so I figured I'd finally get my ass to a doctor and see exactly what's wrong with a ninja. After I had first reported my injuries in my long ass "Gathering of the Juggalos" review, many Juggalos sent in emails and letters concerned with my stale shit-uation. I can't tell you how fuckin' fresh that is that people actually give a fuck about my health more than I do. that's some real ass Juggalo love right there for that ass. We'll for all yall, here is my status and you ain't going to believe this shit either.

At first the Doctor Lady was being a bitch. She must of thought I was just some late night, crack head lookin' for a cheap score on some pain pills because she was barley even agreeing to X-Ray my ass. Finally I convinced her into it, and she came back shocked. First she told me that a very important bone in my left wrist is snapped in half. Then she explained that I also have a cracked rib, and two compressed vertebrae in my back. I'm fucked in the g.a.m.e. yall. All from that one big ass fall I took from the stage at the Gathering July 19th, during the Dark Lotus show.

Man, I gotta see a bone specialist on Thursday and schedule some surgery to get right. They told me that I made things 5 times worse for myself by waiting all this time and not going immediately to the hospital. They said it's all been healing wrong. Plus with me running every night tryin’ lose this fat ass in time for the 6th, I have been steady making things worse for my spine. I'm a fuckin' idiot though. All the pain pills I been on, I didn't even realize how fucked up I really was. So I'm sorry to all of you that care and I'm sorry to myself especially. But even so, at least now I'm on the right track and getting my shit fixed up tight. By the time you see me in person again, don't worry none, I'll be 100 percent ready to whip your bitchy lil' ass off.

In fresh news, we just got back from LA last weekend. We've been taking photos for a week straight out there and doing some other shit (that we ain't ready to expose yet). Then we got in a tour bus with Rude Boy, Matt Davis, Syn, and Esham and headed out from LA to Escanaba Michigan to wrestle --

(SIDE NOTE: To wrestling fans, we fuckin' love wrestling too! Like a mother fucker. But keepin' it treal, I doubt we are gonna be wrestling again for a while. I'll give you our 3 big main reasons why. First off, my back is broken in half and my arm is hangin' on by the shirt only. Shaggy aint doin' so well either, he's still recovering from the broken neck piece. Number two, the importance of wrestling in our lives, falls severly short to the 6 Joker's Cards, flat the fuckin' fuck out. And reason number three, it's time to drop the 6th and nothing else in our lives even comes close to the Wraith's importance. We plan on touring, and then touring again and again. Musically all up in your bitch ass face. Wrestling is the shit, but we've got the mother fuckin' 6th Joker's Card to tell the all of the former, the current and the future Juggalo world about.)

-- It took us 4 days to get from LA to Escanaba during in which we took the liberty of filming THE SHAGGY SHOW MOVIE! That's right ninjas, we documented our whole trip from LA to Escanaba and that's the movie! It will be released on DVD and VHS in stores everywhere, soon. We hit up Karaoke bars, truck stops, we shot home music videos at malls and all that. Florida Joe and Moon Glorious popped up as well. Plus we got many other little fresh shits that we filmed along the way in Vegas, Denver, Minneapolis and finally at the matches in Escanaba, Mi. I think Juggalos will love every minute of it but I think that the rest of the world will think it's fuckin' stoopid.

Esham has got something very big in store for all that ever wondered where Detroit's infamous "Wicked Shit" sound originated. Did I say "HE has got something very big in store"? I meant "WE have something" as in "Psychopathic Records and Esham together", but more on that when your nuts grow hair and we feel you’re ready. The fact is me and Shaggy have grown very close to Esham over the last decade and both of our life paths have finally landed on the same road. The Dark Carnival works in mysterious ways. To learn more about the Dark Carnival's mysterious ways check out track 17 on the 6th, it's called "Thy Unveiling."

Now that I'm finally back home and recuperating from my many injuries and flaws, I've been on the Internet again. Not talking to hater fagots in chat rooms, but checking out the Juggalo Internet world, and let me just say much love to And if your down for some late night Internet flavor, hit me up., Shhhh.

For the ninjas that ain't got the Internet hook up, we still love you too. It's all to the good and it's raining diamonds, homies. That's why the original old school, ICP Hotline updated daily by yours truly is coming back in effect. I'll be on there talking to yall everynight like the old days I'll give out the new number next week in my "Weekly Freekly" report and that's all I have to say about that at this moment in time.

Well I'll be back next week with another short update reveling the trials and tribulations of life threw the eyes of the Insane Clown Posse during the days of the all mighty 6th Jokers Card era... Oh my God.

Violent J

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