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Violent J's Weekly Freekly — 2002, October, 2nd

A fresh feature of flavor here on the new "Weekly Freekly" is a weekly look from the inside as seen through the eyes of Violent J.

Well, it’s late as fuck on Monday night (Re-written and hooked up better on Tuesday night). I just burned a jib and one of my dogs, “Lil’ Parking Lot”, a.k.a. the gay one, is steady lickin’ on my funky-ass, withered, soggy, jogged-on, sweaty, musty-ass toes. We been in the studio at the Lotus Pod with Anybody Killa and Esham for the past two weeks putting together more crazy wickedness for Anybody Killa’s debut full length album called “Hatchet Warrior”. I’ll tell you all right now, that album is on some other shit. He’s on some, new school, Native American, Cherokee Indian shit... some of that what I call ‘some of that “arrow in the ass” type of shit’. That record straight up takes you to some untapped dimensions that are so deep and lost within the Nethervoid that even Moses himself failed to recognize their presence. Damn. That’s deep.

Tomorrow and Wednesday me and Shaggito are going back into the Lotus Pod, and making a new episodes of our fresh and exciting, new and much more improved radio show “The Juggalo Show” to be later aired on Liquid Metal, channel 42, on fresh ass XM Satellite Radio which is straight up the shit to us. We fuckin‘ love it. There’s nothing left to complain about when it comes to radio. There’s no censorship shit at all on Satellite radio yall. Can you dig that sucka? None. Plus it‘s so cheap and easy to get that even heroin whores have it installed in there crack pipes. I seen a homeless bag lady with that shit hooked up to an old-ass, 1 inch tweeter hangin' out of a walkie-talkie piece. To be honest, censorship on the regular radio doesn’t really bother me either. If you think about it, I mean I can understand people not wanting there little ass kids listing to shit like “I fucked the bitch in her butt with my cock...” or “She licked my cum and spit it out into her girlfriend’s cunt...” or “She ate my homies butt” - let me stop. You get the point. I can understand people not wanting to hear that kind of shit all on public radio and all. What I hate about most public radio are the people on it. I hate it when lame fuck DJ’s are so desperately trying not to say something offensive that they turn into these corny fuck heads on the air and act like it’s all wild and crazy for them to be saying “ass” on the radio. So they say it like 3 times in every sentence to try and sound wild and crazier.

To me most radio DJ’s out there all sound the same. I dig it when I hear a fresh ass original sounding DJ. And believe it or not, the more I listen while traveling, the more I hear. I like it when a fresh DJ can do their thang. With or without cussing, don’t matter to me. As far as cuss words go, I don’t give a fuck what comes outta somebody’s mouth as long as they don’t care what comes outta mine. Because they been known to call me “Yuk Mouth“. If your job is to be a DJ then you should be able to find ways to be creative and innovative without having to pretend like the stupid ass shit your doing is being extreme or wild. They don’t have to sound like the stupid party fuck heads that so many of them somehow wind up sounding like. Just look at Howard Stern. He’s funny as fuck no matter what he’s talking about. Even if the subject ain't offensive at all. He’s clever enough to make even a stale ass discussion about something like vacuum cleaner bags funny. Another example, look at Mancow. Take away the fact that he disses us from time to time. That stale point set aside, at least he doesn’t sound like your typical DJ on the radio. He’s fast, entertaining and he holds your fuckin’ ear for a minute and takes your mind off the stale ass traffic jam you’re probably stuck in. There’s lots of fresh DJ’s out there. Only there are a lot more shitty ones.

Look at all the guys on Detroit’s WRIF, they are the shit too. That station is like one of the biggest and most respected radio stations in the country. They have been a straight up, hard core rock and fuckin‘ roll station ever since Anybody Killa’s first speech lesson. Yet, just because they have cool, innovative people working at that fuckin’ station, they let us, a bunch of rappers get in there and basically take the station over for 3 hours last night. They threw there own format aside for 3 full hours and did just what a lot of people wanted to hear for once. Us on there clownin’ with Twiztid, Anybody Killa, Mike P, Blaze, and even Esham. There ain’t one person in Detroit that don’t know who Esham is, and to here Esham’s music being played on the WRIF was ground breaking history in many people’s eyes. That was so fuckin’ cool to me. It really, really meant a lot to us at Psychopathic. We played something from everybody on the Hatchet, new and old. It was off the hook. What makes WRIF one of the most respected stations in the country? Power moves like the one they made with us. Taking a step out from the other stations in town and actually taking a chance at something different. O.D., Doug Podel and them guys do lots of shit all the time for local bands here in Detroit. Most people only bitch about what them guys aren’t doing for them though. I say to them all, fuck that. You don’t fuckin need that radio shit anyway. You should consider it a blessing when your shit gets spun somewhere, don’t make it a fuckin‘ necessity. If they turn their backs on you, fuck 'em! Keep going anyway. Keep climbing that hill--

I’m getting off my subject. Fresh DJ’s... oh yeah, Ok. Look at Shaggy’s, the Rude Boy’s and my own personal favorite DJ of all time... the one and only Electrifying Mojo. He was the absolute shit and he never said anything even close to being offensive on the air. He didn’t have to. That wasn’t even his style. He could charm a nun’s panties off. He moved on (got fired) from station to station throughout Detroit all during our years growing up. One thing everybody loved about Mojo (but unfortunately always got him fired) was that he would always play whatever the fuck he wanted. Weather it was Prince, Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, the Bangles, Dee Snyder, Olivia Newton John or Trick Daddy, he didn’t care. He got fired every day. He played what the fuck ever. Mojo gave not a fuck. His crazy, slow mood, free for all music stylings often got him fired but made him popular among listeners like us that followed him from station to station, none the less.

Not once ever did Mojo show his face either. Nobody ever knew what he looked like. Some said he looked like Denzel Washington, others said he just looked like Zel Moshburn (who ever the fuck that is).

Rumors, rumors, rumors, I tell ya, and if I haven’t yet I just did, and I‘ll do it again: Rumors, rumors, rumors, I tell ya.

All those years Mojo always kept his face hidden. What a fuckin’ fruit cake. What kind of weirdo fuck always hides his face anyway? But that’s what we loved about him; all the crazy mysteries that surrounded him. Me and my boys would even ride up to the radio station and wait for him to come out after his shift, but he’d always look out for people first and I guess somehow creep out another way. Anyhoot, enough about this staleness. I don’t even know why I’m talking about lame fuck radio DJ’s. OH YEAH, now I remember, because Shaggy and I are radio DJ’s too. We got our own show and you should check it out.

Well there it is for you all “Ain’t Yo Bidness”. Let this song serve as a blast of rap for your rap gangsta thug asses. Remember, this is just a tiny weenie dose of the mega flex.

Before long, November 5th will creep up and a whole avalanche of warm snow, and shimmering, ice crystal music, madness will come smashing and splashing down on your two, rosy, ever so bitch smackable, cheek pieces. It’s going to be a new dissnay out here from Nov. 5th on. I only hope after you guys hear the magic you start to feel the glow too. I’m so happy my toenails are falling off. How? Because I’m running so much my toenails are abandoning ship. I can’t sleep because I know that nothing can stop the 6th from dropping now. I’m too exited to sleep just knowing that it’s in press. The pressing plants are pressing away the 6th and final Jokers Card.

We have based our fuckin’ lives by this count down. We look and timeline our entire careers as a rappers all according to the Joker’s Cards. We look at Ringmaster, the 2nd Jokers Card... I look at who I was dating at that time, (this bitch named Lori), I look at where I was living during the era of the 2nd, (on the Eastside above a laundry mat), Then I look at the 5th, The Jeckel Brothers and I look at those days. Each Card represents another chapter of our fuckin’ whole career story and now, that all 6 are about to be seen as a complete set on store shelves, we feel like we are being reborn. We been telling this tale for the Dark Carnival for so long, it’s been like one track, one way all this time, nothing would stop us. But now we finally completed it.

Now that the 6th is dropping, is the world gonna end? I fuckin’ damn sure hope not. I know it’s gonna change a lot of things in the Juggalo world. Our world (as in me and Shaggy’s) might even be reduced to “has been status” staleness. Possibly even in the eyes of many or most of today’s biggest Juggalos. Think about it, no matter what we do next as ICP, it’s gonna be looked at as weird and to different because it’s going to be to new for people. Whatever trick we pull out of our clowny hats next is already plagued with danger because it’s going to be judged right away against our whole 10 year, Joker’s Card Saga’s freshness. When even that took 5 years to really develop itself.

But if we are really givin’ a shot at a new run of flavor, imagine the new possibilities and additions that would and could develop within’ our Juggalo community. We could all fuckin’ grow old together if we wanted.

But even with that all too possible possibility, we couldn’t be fuckin’ happier these days. The feeling is fuckin’ gleaming. We walk three feet off the ground like moon men. We somehow completed the entire mission. What’s next? I don’t know but the fuckin’ possibilities are endless. It’s like coming out of a 10 year tunnel, one that we were locked into only we never really cared because we loved it so much.

We started the 6 fuckin’ countdown when we were fuckin’ kids. Did we grow out of it, or fall out as homies, or anything even close to that? Never. We knew what we had to do and we loved it each and every step of the way. We don’t regret any of it. It all is part of our legacy. The good and the bad shit, we love it all. The Myzerys, the Marz’s, the Liendas, the Ray Days, the saying the worlds going to end, the bootin’ bands off our tours, the arrests, all of that freshness represents the story that is the Insane Clown Posse. Me and Joey don’t run from any of our past truths. Some of them we are not proud of, but we represent them all because that is just our story and nothing we can do will ever change that shit. And fuck you 'cause it’s all the shit. But it’s so easy for haters to pick out and see the few mistakes and bad moves when there sitting all shitty and ugly like within and amidst an ocean of shiny, bright shimmering greatness. I love my life and I walk the earth these times a completed man. I did exactly what I set out to do with my life. If I gotta, I’m ready to die now. If I died tomorrow (God forbid) I’m going out a happy ass, fruity, fuck. Time for a new mission. New goals. New messages for any surviving Juggalos still hanging on and that still wanna ride with us after the 6th BOMB WHIPES THE SLATE CLEAN OF ALL THE BULLSHEET.

We been running straight up a hill for 10 years straight and to finally stop and take a look behind us to see how far we’ve actually came is fuckin’ breathtaking. We feel like a super ninja squadron of Samurai. I see diamonds falling everywhere. Even if the album drops, flip flops and God forbid, the whole entire Juggalo world collapses in chaos over the impact of track 17’s message, nothing will ever change the fact that we have reached our own personal heaven’s here on earth just by being able to actually see all 6 Joker’s Cards together as a complete story and knowing what it all means. We only hope enough of you catch the vapors with us to keep the Hatchet swingin’ as hard as it’s been. On that note, I’m out like The Wraith on November 5th.

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