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Violent J's Weekly Freekly — 2002, October, 24th

A fresh feature of flavor here on the new "Weekly Freekly" is a weekly look from the inside as seen through the eyes of Violent J.

Holy fuck yall. You won't believe this fuckin' shit. Not one time, not twizzle, but three tizzels I tried to type this shit up for yall at a Kinko's out on the road and the shit fuckin' crashed on me all 3 fuckin' times, no fuckin' lie. I lost the whole thing three times. Now, today I'm at home, and instead of just relaxing my nuts on a soft pillow and watching a lil' Florenzic Files action on Court TV or something fresh, I'm doing something 17 times fresher by recognizing this must be done. So now I'm making my 4th attempt to get this done because I'm fully aware that the 6th is lesser than two weeks away. I gotta let yall know these fuckin' things now or never.


Just know this... We respect the fuck out of ALL of you mother fuckers; all Juggalos, whether they are Juggalos of the past, present or future. Truth is, things in our lives are so off the hook and bright these days ever since recording the fuckin' 6th, and the diamond rain is so consistent, that it's hard to be pissed at anybody for anything. If you were ever even a little down with our music, our flava, our shows, our hard work at any point during the 6 Joker's Card countdown (which is our entire career) we fuckin' love you for it, everybody. These days are special to us and they should be for all Juggalos.

Anybody that ever even bobbed your heads to our shit has got our clown love for it. Even the kid that once had a tattoo of a Hatchet man but now has it covered up with something else; we even got love for his bitch faggot ass too. Because no matter what he, she or anybody that was ever a Juggalo, now, present and even future, does, we'll always be a part of his or her personal life history and we can't help but love them for that. Straight up, we put our very souls into our music and if a person feels it, then that's like them feeling us and we can't help but feel them back for feelin' us. Just nobody better try feelin' on my balls unless there a chick. What I'm saying is it's been a long ass journey telling this ;6 Cards of freshness' story, and we're grateful for everybody that we've met along the way. Because it all turned out so great, we wouldn't change any of it for nothing. We've spent so many years wasting time bitching and complaining about getting no love by the media and MTV. Man, we must of sounded like bitch boy fuckin' cry babies. Somebody should have slapped us. Look at all this love we have, all these Juggalos around us, and here we are ignoring them and instead bitchin' about not having that other shit. Fuck that. No more bitching. It's the 6th and it's time to "Celebrate good times, baby, celebrate good times with me come on". <---- Lyrics from "Cool & the Gang"


We started the Joker's Card count down when I was only 19 years old. I'm fuckin' damn near 63 now. Here I am 30 Years old and I'm still out here screaming DARK CARNIVAL! Me and Shaggy are still balls deep in the game telling the same story. We believe in it, now harder than ever. Seeing it all completed and hearing the message of the 6th makes the whole saga seem flawless to us. The whole story completed shines like diamond showers in bright sunlight. It makes Stevie Wonder squint.


Congratulations to my fuckin' brother Shaggy 2 Dope. He's in effect now more than ever. His Shaggy Show is back on the internets and its better than ever. 2 new episodes are already available to watch now. You can download them right here and now. It might take a while, it took my stale ass computer about 4 hours, but I just went downstairs and forgot about it. BLAM, next thing I knew it was done. Besides it's worth it enough to download and wait over.

There will be 3 special episodes all together and then another extra special episode filmed at this years 2 Hallowicked Clown Shows in Detroit, October 30th and 31st. All 4 new episodes of The Shaggy Show will all be up and available for download on our website before November 5th. After that, The Shaggy Show won't return again until the 6th Joker's Card World tour begins. Then it will return on a fresh, regular regalo bi-weekly bases, just like in the good old days. These are just the good new days.

By the way, Shaggy's my fuckin' brother now; he's no longer just my homie, because we fuckin' said so. He's my partner in rhyme, crime and shine. Shaggy, Esham and Violent J, byatch, we them Soopa Villains. On the 6th Joker's Card, Shaggy's mic skills are tighter than a baby's anus. He shines like the sun caught in a mouse trap.


My brother Rob a.k.a. Jump Steady is in complete effect. His long awaited, and finally released Chaos Theory album is very well loved I'm realizing out here as I talk with hundreds of Juggalos a night on this Haunted Mansion tour were doing. I miss my brother. I ain't seen him for a grip now. He's hard at work promoting for the Wraith out in New York City with Patrick and shit. He's trying ta get us on Saturday Night Live and shit like that. It's fresh though because when I get up early to piss or something, I always turn on Good Morning America or whatever that show is called, (the one morning news talk show with the big window behind them and all the people waving and holding up signs), because every now and then you can catch Rob and Patrick out there holding up Wraith and ICP signs. We here at the Hatchet do all kinds of fresh ass guerilla tactical promo shit like that.

That's free national publicity in our eyes.


As for the 6th, nothing can rewind time from here out. We fuckin' did it. Me and Alex sit and smoke tree together in celebration -- me and Alex smoking, how fuckin' dope is that? And it's all 10 times doper than we ever dreamed because we have ALL OF YOU waiting to hear it. WE PROMISE WE WILL DELIVER FOR YOU. You are all finally about to hear the very big, grand finally surprise ending we've always promised from day one, October 18th, 1992 the day the 1st Jokers Card arrived on this planet The ending can't get any better than it is, believe that bitch boy. We officially finish this devastating saga in just a few days from now; November 5th when the 6th Joker's Card drops, that's it baby. Think about that. All we as Juggalos have ever known during our whole existence as a family is these Joker Cards and the shit in between. Look at all we owe to them. Look at all they've givin' to us over the years. They gave us Twiztid, Blaze, Anybody Killa and the rest. They gave us the Gatherings, the tours, JCW, all of it, this, us. No matter what we do next as ICP, it's gonna look so weak in comparison to the giant saga that the Joker's Cards were.


It feels like we have been chipping away at a stone wall for so long that we forgot this was even work. But the fact is we've always seen ourselves on a mission. After so long, it became all we knew, and all we ever cared about. We've always had immense love and drive for the mission along the way, but we never fully understood why until now. Its completion is like plugging it all in and turning it all on for us and it WILL be for many real Juggalos. For us, we've always just kept chipping away at the stone wall, and kept right on screaming, "Fuck The World" along the way. 2nd card era in 1993... 3rd Card... 4th... 5th, we just kept on telling the tale, chipping away deeper and harder into the stone.

Suddenly BLAM!!! We break threw!!! HOLY FUCK?? Sunlight... What's that? We been telling these morbid tales for so long we forgot what that was. WAIT, I'm losing track of the point. The point is, we appreciate ALL that we have come across along our way so far, even the bad shit because it's all helped us learn and made for some bomb ass, late night bus stories.


If you Really, REALLY want to experience the Wraith's arrival in full form, full ecstasy, with full flava factors fully extended, we know how you can do it. Its' gonna take a little bit of work to do it, but it's all worth it we PROMISE. And remember, the following ain't just my opinion, these suggestions come from extensive meetings with all the artist and employees of Psychopathic as well as several long time VJN's (Veteran Juggalo Ninjas) own inputs and ideas. In other words, this is some well researched based flava. Read the following and when the 6th comes, may you enjoy your voyage threw the gates of Shangri La --

1. Head Phones.

Look man, "Head phones" don't just mean head fuckin' phones. If you really want to do this you've got to be smart about the shit. Take the shit seriously. Headphones, means, you and each person you plan on listening with need to get off your ass and find yourself a good ass walkman, with new ass batteries. Don't listen to the Wraith on the way home or none of that. Wait until you got a good ass pair of headphones connected to a good ass walkman, with new ass batteries. And also make sure the walkman's EQ settings are sound checked with another CD besides the Wraith, because once the Wraith is stated it must be played start to finish, uninterrupted. No restarting songs either. Play the whole thing threw uninterrupted. And your fuckin' Headphones BETTER have a track number listing on it to. That way you can watch the numbers climb one by one all the way up to the grand finally Track 17.

2. Indoors

Once again, "Indoors" don't just mean that. It means a dimly lit, comfortable, nice temperature, room with not much to look at other than your walkman while you watch the track numbers go by. Tell your little sister's or mom's or fuckin' homies, roommates or wives, husbands, fagot lovers whoever you live with to stay the fuck out and leave you alone for at least an hour and 10 minutes. You need not to be interrupted at all. Don't be rewinding the shit, or starting tracks over again either, just keep listening, if something absolutely necessary comes up, and you have to pause the album, than you have no choice but to start the entire CD and process over again.

3. Get off the Juggalo internet world and hotlines until Nov. 5th

Just like it sounds. Wait. The best thing to do is stay off the internet. Flat out just drop off it for a week. Because you know haters and what there getting ready to do if not already doing. Even if you write for a Juggalo web site, this is your personal chance to hear the 6th right. ALL JUGGALO SITES SHOULD SHUT DOWN LIKE THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM. We feel that all Juggalos should just say fuck it, and just relax, leave the internet world and take a break, until November 5th and then hop back on and see how the Juggalo world has changed if any at all after the 6th BOMB DROPS. What's more important to you: The Wraith or your internet time for the next few days? Just stay off if you can because you absolutely know haters are going to download the album and spit out shit in chat rooms, your mail and all kinds of shit.

You KNOW that if you stay on the internet, somehow, someway, you'll end up hearing ABOUT track 17, before you have a fair chance to discover its contents YOURSELF. Not for your crew, your website, or anything else. If you need to be together with your Juggalo homies than that's all to the good. Just discover it together at the same time November 5th, the way the whole shit was intended.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Juggalos. Please respect this.

It would be a dream come true to see at least a few Juggalos actually see all of this out and fully experience Shangri La. We hope to see the real Juggalo world separated and silent from the internet world haters attempting to foil us, in the days before November 5th. Please help spread the word...!

Other miscellaneous helpfuls.

Good weed. Yes first and foremost, tree is a must if you are a smoker. If you're not a smoker, don't try and be slick by starting up smoking for this now, because all it will do is make you think about the weed instead of the Wraith.

Piss or shit first, get your Faygo together, whatever. So you don't have to do that shit during the shit.

Food is ok, like a bag of chips or something during it but not really. Anything that distracts you away sucks and should be avoided.

If you skip threw the album you don't even need to be told how stale you are.

Don't be taking off the headphones and asking your homie if they heard something fresh that you heard, just shut up and enjoy the ride. Your homies are most likely in a different part of Shangri La than you are, so just close your eyes and enjoy the ride. Talk about it afterwards.


No. Me and Shaggy plan on making music together as a team forever. The fact is this right here. Kurt Cobain's story is over, it's done. It's a great one no doubt, but it's definitely over, right? Well ICP's ain't. The 6 Jokers cards might have all arrived, but Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope ain't dead. Of course you still got the Hells Pit half of The Wraith on deck, but that is non existent in our eyes right now.

What's next for us after the 6th? I'm not sure. The 7th Joker's card maybe? No way. None of that sappy ass shit. You think we plan on trying to do everything the same our whole lives? Fuck no. We're still inventing shit. New game; it's time for a new wave of flavor. A New saga is most likely next. A new one that's gonna grow, and fester up into something as fresh as the 6 Joker's Cards did. It's gonna really start getting really interesting around here I can tell you that. You're about to see ICP and all the hatchet fame rappers not on a Dark Carnival mission, but instead out for Juggalos. You're going to see us and all the Psychopathic Records family now for who we really are and all that we really are all about as ninjalos.

I'd rather go out with a bang like Kurt did rather than restrict ourselves from doing anything we want to from here on out. Like I said before, we been on a mission this whole time, and yes we loved it every step of the way, but now it's our turn.

We wanted a new sound and we got one. We love it to death. We felt it was time and fuck that shit, as happy as we are, have been, and will be during this next round of life, I know we were right. We did the right thang for dat ass piece. Wait and see for yourselves.

I ain't dead. Shaggy is alive and kickin' like Jet Li. ICP ain't dead. Unlike Kurt Cobain, I still have the bottom half of my face. In fact, we're more alive now than ever. We feel like we just jumped out of a book page drawing and are really, finally, actually here for the first time. Were in full fuckin' color now bitch. We're like two gold fish that escaped the net and landed in water for the first time. The absolute fact of the matter is that ICP is still telling our own personal history. Kurt Cobain closed his out for good, but we're still telling ours today, tomorrow hopefully and on and on.

If you are meant to be there at our shows and shit in the future as a Juggalo, than you will be -- if you were meant to move on, than you will. With or without you, we're still telling our story and legacy. And with or without us, you're telling your own. We're just thankful you joined paths with ICP for the times you did. Weather or not you ride with us from here out, is up to you.

After you listen to the 6th, and you hear all of what it's about and what we're REALLY about, just ask yourself if this is for you... how do you want your life story to read?

Once it's all out, and November 5th has come and gone, and you've heard the voice of the Wraith, if you ain't with us, then do us all a favor and just simply forget us because we plan on Representing Juggalos something like this, like the Wraith, like the 6th Joker's Card, for the rest of our lives.

This has been the incoherent ramblings of Violent J -Insane Clown Posse

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