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Violent J's Weekly Freekly — 2003, February, 3rd

Sup errybody. It's me Violent J here. This year's Weekly Freekly is going to be mad improper and all that. By that I mean, spellings, usage of capitols, and all that. But that's only because my left hand is unavailable at the moment. Or this Freekly would be 100% grammar perfect like all the other ones always are. But unfortunately my typing skills are weak and only at 50%. My left hand is in a cast. It just had surgery. That shit sucked. It still hurts like a bitch too. They put a screw in it, they took a piece of bone from another part of my arm and used it to fix my fucked up wrist and hand. Damn it's still gonna be in a cast for a couple months too. This time I'm going to let it heal correctly though. None the less, even with the stale left arm, I'm still freekin' it every night with my homie loc Shaggy 2 Dope on this massively long Shangri-La Tour, along with ABK and the 2 Live Crew.


Anybody Killa murders the house every night. He might as well just toss grenades off from the stage, because all he does up there is blow ninjas away. Night after night, all by himself, he captivates the Juggalos with his tribal wicked shit. He spits the ones you know and some new ones you don't even know how to comprehend, they're so fuckin' fresh. Just think...all that smoking he does, all that inhaling of Marlboro 100's, and not to mention about 15 blunts a day, and yet his lungs are still healthy enough to spit enough air for him to stand there on stage solo and lyrically murder 1000 ninjas a night. Plus he snores so loud from his bunk under mine that, I often have dreams Godzillas attacking me for hours.

Then the boys from Miami do they thang. Some younger Juggalos don't know what to think when they see 2 Live Crew. There music is all, old school, boom, boom, miami base shit. We love it, but it sounds so different from ABK and ICP. Then they got there thick ass bootie bitches up there bouncing there big, fat asses off Juggalos faces in the front row. But listen, Man. I don't know what to say. As much as I know were all the same as Juggalos, I also realize we all are different as people. We're all different ages, were from different places and we all mostly probably grew up bumpin' different music. I can dig and respect that. BUT ON ME AND SHAGGY'S BLOCK, the 2 Live Crew was the shit. For us, hearing them rip threw them classics every night, before we go on, is off the chain. We get so exited backstage in our dressing room, that sometimes me and Shaggy both start bootie dancin on ABK until he gets mad for real. We also watch threw the curtains when we can and I can't believe how many Juggalos don't know their shit. Most ninjas are mad hype for them but the younger ninjas just stand there like "whoa". But fuck man, how could they know 2 Live's shit? 2 Live was hittin' 10 fuckin' years ago. But for the many Juggalos that do know them and their music, it's a real special fuckin' treat to see them rip that shit, hit after hit after hit like that. I remember when the 2 Live Crew was hittin' they had so much controversy about there music that the fuckin' President was talking about them. They got arrested time and time again for cussing on stage. That's crazy! They laid the path groups like us to come out and have freedom of speech. Man that shit was all over the news for years. 2 Live Crew got arrested again, and again. It was crazy. They sold probably 10 million records too. This was all going on when me and Shaggy were just dreaming about being in the game. So to us at Psychopathic, having them rock these shows with us is the fuckin' mega ton bomb. And yes there music is way different than our shit. It's a weird match, them and us, but that's Juggalo, aint it?

Most Juggalos get Juggalo style hype for them like they should, and 2 Live turns it the fuck out every night, like they should. But for any haters, how could you hate the fact that they do a different style of rap than we do? That's adding flavor to the fuckin' show! I love it. Just fuckin' get hype and fuckin' enjoy the mother fuckin' fresh ass show all 5 of us rappers are puttin' on for yall. In these beautiful, fuckin' diamond drizzling days of Shangri-La. I know I am.

I aint even gotta tell yall about our show. I'll just let those who've witnessed live so far tell yall what time it is.


Ya know what I did today? I fuckin did what I try to do everyday. Smoke a fat ass blunt, and take a long ass walk with my fresh pair of headphones and listen to the Wraith. I always try not to get lost. I always walk away from the bus until around "Aint Yo Bidness" then I turn back around and head back to the bus. Sometimes, if the area is fresh enough, I'll listen twice and turn around when the record flips, like I did today. Boise, Idaho. Man, they got mountains everywhere and the city is all clean and its just a fresh ass area to be walking around. I was walking on a walking path threw these huge mountain valleys and shit. That shit was dope.


Listen, I been out here talking with Juggalos about the Wraith. I am surprised how many actually listened the way we suggested with the headphones and all that. That's the atom bomb that so many took our advice for maximum flavor. But I'm also surprised of how many don't regularly bump the Wraith. When I ask they usually just say something like "I just haven't had a chance to really listen to it yet that much."

Man, if them ninjas only knew what there missing. All I'm trying to say is that fuckin album is my all time, absolute favorite record we've ever done, flat out. Flat out, flat in, flat fuckin' back and forth across your cheeks. We have never shined harder on any record in my book.

Yes we've been more harder, here, and we were more funnier there, we were more about this on this record and that on that record, but the Wraith is my personal favorite blend of all of ICP's past, present and future sounds. I love that album. Fuck your mom with a Slim Jim if you don't like it. I just hope that all Juggalos give it its proper spins in them CD players, cars, and walk mans, because if it hasn't yet, maybe it will begin to dawn on you. The record is a masterpiece. It's our record. The Sixth. It deserves your attention. It deserves every Juggalos attention. I ain't just talking about the God shit either. I'm talking about all of it y'all. I mean in all ways, it's like a Juggalo handbook. Let me tell you about a conversation me and ABK had in the bus the other day.

He said the 6th is like graduation for many Juggalos. The last jokers card right as ninjas enter into the real world. Time to be an adult and handle your fuckin' responsibilities. For some, the 6 cards taught them things about themselves. Fact is that thousands and thousands of Juggalos grew up over the last 10 years to these albums. And the Wraith, the last one, kind of takes the paint off, and celebrates with y'all, your graduation jokers card.



This is my dream. The hatchetman symbol. Think about it. What makes Juggalos different than other people? Our love for each other right? We're family. The fact that were so down with each other. Check this out, you see that Juggalos have they own Gatherings all the fuckin' time, Juggalos have there own club nights, and all this shit. Some Juggalos even make businesses out of the Juggalo world. Theres so much Juggalo shit its crazy. As the years go by we're all learning together and traveling through life together. Imagine that. How long can this truly last? No matter what I believe it can last forever. Now...the hatchetman symbol. That should be our international family symbol. It represents all the music that brought us together. Ok, look, think about you and your Juggalo crew for a second. As much as you don't want to face it, the truth is that one day you and your crew will not be together. Sure you might still all know and sometimes see each other and all that. But your day to day lives won't be anything like it probably is now. You're going to go away to colleges, get married, move away, go to prison, army whatever. If you stay put just chillin', then one by one you'll only see your crew move on in life. When was the last time you seen a packed car full of ninjas all in there 40's all hangin' out together rydin? You see ninjas with there fuckin' families. This is our destines y'all, and for many of us it's already our reality right now today.

The idea is this. I know how we can all be together forever for real style. (Of course the Gatherings will be like our class reunions even when were 70. That will always be a way to see each other and put it down for the carnival. We here at Psychopathic vow to keep them alive as long as somebody still wants to come.) BUT ALSO WHAT IF: All real Juggalos of today all vowed to bare the hatchetman for life. WHAT IF every juggalo always rocked the hatchetman for the rest of there lives. 24/7 none stop for the next 100 years until were all dead. Just listen... if every Juggalo of today, for the rest of there lives all flashed a hatchetman symbol, somehow, someplace simple and small. Maybe a ring, a tiny hatchet man around there neck, in their ear, a tattoo, a bumper sticker, whatever. And check this out, if all current Juggalos of today began this tradition of always baring the Hatchetman, even when you grow apart from your crews and head out there you will always be able to spot another Juggalo, because they to will be baring the Hatchet. Think about the possibilities of that. It's like this. Let's say there is 500,000 young ass Juggalos today. Over the next 10, 20, 30, years there all going to grow up, and get jobs. Some will be big successes, some could be McDonalds employees all there lives. Some will be cops, some criminals, some will be doctors, lawyers, electricians, mechanics, plumbers, everything you can thing of.

Here's the flavor of bearing the hatchet symbol at all times for the rest of your life. As YOU go threw your life bearing your hatchet, you will come across other ninjas all the time also bearing the hatchet. This will be our secret flag. This means automatic family. Let's say you and your wife are out to dinner with your 5 kids, you got your hatchetman on somehow. The waiter spots it, he's a Juggalo too. Blam! Free shit knocked off your bill, fellow fuckin' Juggalo style. Because everybody fuckin' knows Juggalos always look out for other fuckin' Juggalos. Now, lets say your going threw your life 15 years from now, and your booking airline tickets, BLAAMM the airline guys a Juggalo. Free First class upgrades just like that. They hook you up because they know that you are also living up to the vow, and you too are hooking up your fellow Juggalos whenever you can too. What about you, think about what career you'll be doing. Are you down enough to cut a fellow Juggalo a break 15 years from now? Let's say you become a cop. Even if your life is nothing like this anymore, you should still respect, and remember what it all MEANS to you now. Hook up that fellow Juggalo. REMEMBER THESE DAYS FOREVER. Our togetherness is magical y'all. If you're a cop 15 years from now, bitch, you better let that fellow Juggalo go like you should.

We could all have sudden homies at our loneliest moments. Man, that's my idea. Either way, as far as ICP goes, well always be here. Touring, making music, all that.

This Weekly Freekly might seem kind of stale to you, but that's just because your brain cannot process the depth of the flavor and possibilities I'm reviling. That shit would be some fresh shit though and I'd be down with it.


Much fuckin' love to them ninjas always holding up Hatchetman signs like the ninja at the Royal Rumble. Then ninjas are the fuckin' freshest in the world to us. You have no idea what that feels like to be sitting in your house watching that shit and see y'all Juggalos out there whiling with signs on wrestling. That shit is off the hook. I sit and feel like such a pimp when I see that shit. My arms even get pimpbumps.


Juggalos: I want you all to know something. If you happen to come out and attend any of the show dates, for this fresh ass tour (The Shangri-La Tour). Just know this. I'm going to fucking tell y'all something from the "absolute fact" file of my mind. When your there at the show, just know, that when you see us up there rappin' and throwing Faygos around, I personally am at about a 95% complete happiness level. That is the greatest joy of my fuckin life is doing live shows. But know this, when you see me standing on that stage singing, I'm at 100% percent. Pure, absolute, complete and total ecstasy. I ain't no fuckin' singer, I know this. But when I sing, I ain't even there. MY whole mind, and being is someplace else. Sometimes I'll open my eyes back up and it might even take a second for me to realize where I'm at and what the fuck is happening. I love it, because it's me at my best for you. I know I can't sing but the words I'm saying, I feel so real about, that it only feels right signing them out as hard as I can. I hate to admit all this stale shit, but that's real. I rap like Renolds, but on stage, sometimes rappin' just ain't enough. I hope it ain't too stale when I'm up there singin' but I couldn't stop it if I wanted to. It's too fresh.


There's some salt in the game y'all. Somebody whipped an unopened 2 liter at Shaggy's face and connected so hard, the make up smeared off my fuckin' face somehow. It hurt him bad and knocked him out for a second. The bad news is that it re-injured his neck injury he got from the JCW Milwaukee show. He's doing ok but he's trying to keep his neck protected and his head from breaking off.

Speaking of wet nedens... Rolling Stone just put out a big ass, full color picture book of rock stars with fresh tattoos and it features a never seen before, fresh, shirtless, full page photo of Shaggy chillin' stud shot style. Check it out the next time your up in B Daltons thumbin' threw the wrestling magazines.


We got the Shaggy show coming back as soon as next week for y'all. Featuring the return on Moon Glorious, and others. Shaggy is hard at work preparing for the special episodes. He is busy doing absolutely nothing because just like the other episodes, these ones will be shot completely on the spot style. In other words, the new series of 2003 Shaggy Shows should be just right for ya. Slightly gritty, witty and a lil' shitty. They will feature the head super star of the show, Shaggy Sweet Ass, along with his sidekicks, Anybody Killa, Patrick, Matt Nipps, RyRy and yours truly. He has already recorded cameos for the first episode from Bone Thugs & Harmony and 2 Live Crew!


We been doing some after parties lately after the shows. You'll know there's one if they're handing out flyers for it out front afterwards. If you happen to come to any, just expect to see us up on stage doing rare shit and clownin'. We sometimes bring 2 Live Crew, we sometimes frees style over beats, whatever. Sometimes Juggalos get up and rap. Its just something to do in the diamond rain. And of course, 9 times out of 10, or homie Anybody Killa comes with us and even he does a couple shits off his upcoming debut album. We don't always do them in every city but we try to at least do a couple a week along the tour.


You know what I think? I think y'all are sleeping on my upcoming "Wizard Of The Hood" mini album. It's my first solo project and I got all the homies on it. I've played the whole thing a few times (that's right, it's finished already: I had to finish it before this tour started.) for a couple very selective Juggalos and left them all bald. As a matter of a fact, I'm callin' out two of my favorite Juggalo Websites. Where are the ninjas and ninjettes at and I'm calling you guys out to any of the current shows. Once your there, tell us who you are, prove it some how, and come have a special screening of it in the bus after the show. I wanna know what you think. Then I want you to review it on your websites. Why? Because I'm confident that it' will peel your fuckin domes with freshness. "A Concept story album of the Wizard of Oz"??? It sounds bad on paper, but wait until you heard Jamie Madrox as the Tin Man. Monoxide as the Scarecrow, and Blazé as the Lion. What about my jigga Shaggy? I thought you knew, Shaggy plays the mother fuckin' Wizard. I invite you guys to come review my shit for your 2 websites and write whatever you truly feel.


I have no news for you. But JCW fans, I know yall heard about the surprise, sudden JCW show in Columbus, Ohio. It's a filming for JCW Volume 3. We're shooting this show to update some flavor. We thought Volume 3 was done, but the video needed better angles set up. We need the new DVD/Video to set up for the summer tour this summer. It'll make sense when you see it. It's going to be the shit. The real Kamala Vs Tom fuckin' Dub. Fuckin Rude Boy vs Greg The Hammer Valentine in a Dog Collar Chain re-match from the Gathering, Bobby the Brain Heenan will be there, The Road Warriors, Mad Man Pondo, 2 Tuff Tony, Corporal Robinson, Hollywood Chuck Hogan, Fuckin Richy Boy Bryer Wellington (This time doing the "Richy Boy" gimmick like he's supposed to). Evil Dead, Preacher Man, They'll all be there. Psychopatrick, Sabu, and every JCW star from the past that ever mattered.

This is it yall. Next time you hear from us it'll be on the Shaggy Show byatch. I'm out like the space shuttle maintenance crew. Peace.

Violent J, and the J stands for, "Get off your bitch ass and come see the shows we out here doing! Zug and Kings X, us and ABK, Twiztid and Bone! It's going down everywhere."

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