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Violent J's Weekly Freekly — 2003, May, 23rd — 10 Questions!

Let's get into some new shit, peeping over at Twiztid's web site I seen that Jamie Madrox has a fresh thing on there called 20 Questions. I thought that was cool, so I borrowed half the idea for this week's Weekly Freekly. Only mine is only called 10 Questions, so its only half as fresh.

Let me answer some questions we pulled off the Internet...

Question 1

Question: J, Looking at things not through your eyes, but through the eyes of a Juggalo who has been let down by your music lately and wants more old school wicked shit, what would you say that Hells Pit is going to accomplish/say to people? Will it show a new level of Juggalo Music - PJ

Answer: If our new or more recent shit has let you down than I would say expect to be let down again. No matter what we put out it wont be those classics you love. That's what makes them classics CLASSICS. Listen to the Beastie Boys "License To Ill". That album was fresh. Now they suck to me. If ICP seems that way to you, than we probably always will from hear out. Hells Pit will be full of Wicked Shit, yes, the wickedest in fact, but we, and our sound just has evolved. You know. Were proud of how we sound. We love how we sound these days. The good thing about ICP is that there is tons and tons of back catalog to reflect on. But were moving forward, not backwards.

I remember when Riddle Box first came out in 1995, it sold only 4000 copies. We got tons of mail from big time Juggalos saying they hated it. Saying we let them down with stupid songs like Old Evil Eye and Lil Somethin' Somethin'. You can ask Mike E Clark himself. I remember all that shit stressin' me the fuck out back then. At that time, people were upset that Riddle Box didn't sound like Ringmaster or Carnival. Now, today, these days Riddle Box is considered a great classic. Same exact thing with every record we've dropped. People really hated the Jeckel Brothers album when it first came out probably because it had to follow up Milenko, which basically put us on the map. Now that people see Jeckel Brothers as some of our older old school shit, and they seem to give it the nod of respect. I think that in 5 years or so, hopefully you'll look back at The Wraith: Shangri-La and see the whole picture. See it's magic. We told a story here. A Decade long dark grim horror story with a beautiful ending... it seems. Each album was a chapter this book. The Shangri-La chapter was a happy and positive one, ok. That don't make the whole book a pretty one. Nobody's heard the ending yet either. Nobody has. I will say this though, those who doubt us now, we don't want them back. We've been saying that and we mean it. We feel we should have earned the trust of true Juggalos by now. Its crazy how we still get accused of selling out with every album we make. In other words if the Wraith Shangri-La sucked to you, then jump ship now. Because we feel it was us at our very absolute best. We fuckin' love that bitch. Hells Pit's just going to be the dark side of that.

Question 2

Question: What are your thoughts on underground hip hop artist like Necro, Cage, Ill Bill, and Copyright? Or anybody else? Have any thoughts?
Peace J,
Royce Russo

Answer: Almost none. I have nothing against any rappers or anybody out there. I heard of Necro and maybe Ill Bill but I don't listen to anything really. Just Psychopathic shit and old school rap for me. Those guys are all the shit because they're in the game by there own doing. What I mean by that is, when a rapper is still all up in that ass, despite not having a major record deal or anything like that, than obviously they are the shit. I respect the fuck out of all of that. That's how we got on, that's how we live today. But I'm not familiar with anybody's music because we got so much of our own shit going on. Ask Necro if he's heard Dark Lotus... Probably not. I'd imagine he's probably busy doing his own shit. Or maybe they have heard it, I don't know, who knows. If anybody ever wanted to do a song together, I'd probably be about it, though.

Question 3

Question: Yo J, what the fuck is up with the Fat Kid Love, it seems like since you lost the weight all the new Psychopathic merch is only 3x or smaller... what the fuck? I mean us big 5x Juggalos wanna sport the new shizzo too!

Answer: I'm fuckin' sure, come on man. As if that's true or something. First off like I personally have anything at all to do with what sizes our merch comes in, and if I was in charge of the sizes, like I would make everything small. I don't even wear a 3X myself kid! I myself sport a 4 or 5 X daily. So take that stupid speculation elsewhere. As if we'd do that just because I fuckin' lost some weight. Like that makes any sence. I got love for fat kids, and extra skinny, sickly lookin' ninjas too. All ninjas, fuck. To be honist, when we're all chillin' together I really ain't paying any attention to weather or not your fat. That's the truth. Fat to me is like a hair style. You wear it how you want it. I got love for Juggalos period. I been fatter than all of yall put together. So don't tell me about 5 X. I still sport 5 X and that's after I lost a bill. Fat Kid Luv for Life PLAYA!

Question 4

Question: What was the deal with the ABK/KMK show in Kansas City? Why couldn't you guys play?
Doink The Clown 17

Answer: "Well I had went there with ABK because it was his first show with KMK on there tour. I was gonna come out and do a couple songs with him at the end of his set. And help him settle into the new tour smoothly. But it was a giant fuck up. They had ABK going on first, which sucked. But worse than that, his show tape was already playing and already half way over with by the time we entered the building. I asked a sound man why the fuck ABK's show was playing with out anybody out their on stage and he said "Hey man, the guy (ABK) was supposed to be on stage at 8:30pm and so that's when I started the show". What a fuck ass. Well we turned around and walked out. It was no love for Killa from that venue that night.

Because the KMK tour had already been going on for a week or so, when Killa showed up, none of the KMK crew knew what the fuck was going on. It was bad. We left back to the hotel and KMK came by afterwards and we worked it all out with there crew, our crew and everybody's crew so that never happens again. Now ABK goes on right before KMK every night and without a flaw. Its all to the gooooooooood. Sorry it got fucked up in Kansas City but that's the rap show game I guess. Lame ass venues be sabotagin' shit.

Question 5

Question: Why is it that at concerts you guys only throw out Diet Faygo.... how come no other flavors... I need my cloths to smell like something other than Root Beer...
Thanks and one love,
Michael Rock

Answer: I also don't like the fact that all we use is Diet Faygo. But we do it because we have to. Our tours are so long and the only way to make our stage set and equipment last and stay together is to use Diet Faygo. Because the sugar in the regular Faygo flavors eats away and rots everything out. Our stage falls apart by the 2nd or 3rd month. We have to use diet or the set just wont last the whole tour. On and off and on and off the trucks again and again. They can only take so much abuse. Plus the stage carpet rots and smells like a dead possum's ass unless you use diet.

Question 6

Question: Why wont you guys come to Milwaukee anymore?? We've always showed love, and no one from Psychopathic has ever answered this question with a real answer, so hook us up once and for all!
MCL Dead Ninja

Answer: I've asked Alex and Billy the very same question and this is the answer... We cant come back. We've been banned. They told us that the Rave gets too destroyed when we play there and they just wont have us back again. As for someplace else in the city, no place will take our show. Same thing with New York City, Miami, FL, Fort Worth, TX and a couple other major cities. Even if a show promoter wants to have us come play his venue, the city won't allow the insurance on the building, so the show cannot happen. It's that simple. We've been banned or barred from town. But we are always looking for new ways to get back into town like we did with St Louis, only lets hope the Juggalos can bare the wait. In St Louis, only about half our regular crowd turned up for our show, when we finally did make it back into town after a 2 year banning. But we love them ninjas extra hard for hangin' on.

Question 7

Question: Hey J, with all of this Europathic bidness can you speculate on any tour times? And will artist from Psychopathic be comin' over to Europe on a more regular basis for random mini tours and in stores or shit like that?
Much Clown Love
Nu Spit

Answer: "Seeing how we ain't been there since 98, I certainly hope will be coming over there on a much more regular basis. Check this out bro, we are actually moving in over there. Now that my mental doctor has hooked me up with a medicine that enables me to sleep on airplanes, we'll be over there all the time. All Hatchet Man groups except for Twiztid and probably Blaze, will be headed over there with us. Zug Izland, Esham, Anybody Killa, Jumpsteady and us. Most likely every time we do a big tour here, we'll do a leg over there too. That is the plan man. We actually opened some offices over there and everything. This time its at our control, just like it is in the states. Last time we were in Europe it was all on Island Record's dime and it was all up to them what we did and didn't do. Now it's our call. So yes, we will be there my crumpet eating friend. We'll all be there for shows, in-stores, out-stores, you name it."

Question 8

Question: My question is regarding the Shaggy Show Movie you guys made while you were on tour. I've been looking everywhere for it, but I cant seem to find it anywhere. If you could point me in the right direction I'd really appreciate it.
Thanks a lot J.
Amber, Juggalette Fresno County!

Answer: There's a good reason why you haven't been able to find it, because it doesn't exist. We fucked that whole thing up bad. Man did we fuck that shit up. We filmed 5 days worth of flavor. It was a road trip in a fresh tour bus starting in LA and ending at a 6 man tag match way the fuck up north in Michigan with Sabu. BLAAAM! We got home and all the footage was noooooooooo good. We didn't know how to use the new camera right. All the footage we shot was too dark. You couldn't see any of it. We had some of the coolest footage on there too. Shaggy riding a bull, me doing Cherokee, the shit was funny as hell. But it's all gone. We even took it to a digital-enhancing place to try and fix it, but nothing could be done. That's the truth. I feel like a butt hole but that is the truth. Sometimes we just really fuck things up. We should of told you all sooner, but we were just kind of hoping everybody would eventually forget about it. Guess not. Thanks Amber.

Question 9

Question: What up ninja my name is SanDoggInsaneNinja. I just wanna know if you can speculate on guest artist that will or might appear on The Wraith - "Hells Pit" and just a personal question, is Lil Poot an impression of ABK?
Thanks for your time MMFCL

Answer: As for the ABK question... you bastard. Now, as for the speculation on the special guest that are going to be on the Hells Pit album... I don't have to speculate on what guest are gonna be on it because I already know... None. Not one. Just me and my boy on every song. I never question ICP. That's who's gonna be on it. ICP and nobody else.

Question 10

Question: Yo J at last years Gathering you talked about your dream of a Juggalo Community, such as an old ass hotel converted into a Juggalo paradise. Have you put any further though into this, or is it still just a dream? Holla back youngin'!
Clown Love ninja,
Ron Clark

Answer: Just a dream? I have no dreams. Once an idea becomes dope enough to become a dream of mine, then it automatically becomes a goal of mine We got one shot at life. Dreams might never come true, but my goals always do. Whut. It's only a matter of time.

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