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Violent J's Weekly Freekly — 2004, January, 19th

My Weekly Freekly is gonna be this: one long ass ramble. That's right. Me, babbling on about all the recent happenings in the world of ICP. What's going on with what. These are the very real thoughts in my head. They will be transmitted straight from out of my brain onto your monitor's fuckin' FACE. One long ass ramble. All of this news, no matter how big or small or stale it is, is all gonna come in no particular order. This way, mother fuckers gotta read it all, if they wanna know anything. These are my thoughts. Just read this and picture me talking to your eardrum and telling you this in person. Cause that's how I'm gonna spit it. Bitch.

I Got a call from G-man yesterday, but most people know him better as Sin from Zug Izland. He asked me what I had up for the night and I didn't have anything going on at all. He told me that the band "Sponge" was playing that night at Harpo's in Detroit and they (Sponge) asked Sin and Mike P to come up on stage with them and perform Zug Izland's song "Fire" live. Now, to me that's the shit. See, here in Detroit and on many other parts of the planet, the band Sponge is pretty popular. They're from Detroit and they have had a couple of big hit songs in the Alternative music scene I guess. They've got a platinum album or two. They're the shit if your into that kind of shit. I've always tried to check Sponge out live from time to time when they play because I admire there lead singer, Vinnie. Even though what he does and what me and Shaggy do are completely different things, I still very much admire his fresh stage presence. He's not afraid to act crazy and get all into the music on stage. Like he's fuckin high on 7 different drugs or something. Like Eddie Vedder, and Jim Morrison, and all them fresh rock singers, Vinnie also is fresh to watch live on stage. Me and Shaggy even interviewed Vinnie for one of our fresh ass episodes of our Juggalo Show Radio show back in the day.

But seeing Vinnie, dance like a crazy rock star wasn't what made last night so fresh to me. What made it so fresh was watching the band Sponge playing "Fire" live. See what was extra fresh was the fact that I helped write that bitch. I wrote the words to "Fire". While Vinnie, didn't seem to know any of the actual words, Sin was fuckin schoolin 'it. He hit every fuckin note better than the record! He was extra fresh last night. Sin and Mike P were hype as hell up there. They very few scattered Juggalos in the crowd were loving it. The only thing stale was that G-Man had on his Madonna style, cowboy rocker hat, and I hate that fuckin thing. Other than that, Mike P and Sin fuckin lit the whole stage up. I was so geeked. I was fuckin signin' and jumpin', ninjas were lookin' at me like, "Whoa, look at that fuckin' stupid kid over there gettin' live". Here was me and Esham, two rap ninjas standing in the back of Harpo's, watching platinum ass, alternative ass, Sponge playing a song that I helped create. How fresh is that? What the fuck do I know about alternative style? That was fresh to me. Just having been a part of something I know so little about was fresh.

As you all know, Zug Izland, has toured this bitch back in forth a hundred times in the last 2 years, and they been slammin' shit outta the studio like crazy as of late. There whole new album is finished, and I ain't even heard it yet. That's what makes Psychopathic so fresh these days. Everybody is on there own now. Everybody. Even Anybody Killa's lazy ass, ain't lazy anymore. I cant even make fun of him anymore because he's to fresh now. Ninjas move quick these days. Ninjas move like ninjas. I Bumped into Killa last week, and he handed me a CD of his new shit and it's fuckin' 14 tracks deep already! I'm like FUCK. Ninjas must be creepin' into the studio around 3:00 am and shit. And the shit is hard as fuck too.

Then out of fuckin' nowhere Blaze Ya Dead Homie ain't dead anymore. He's back up out the grave and droppin' that Colton Grundy record after all. I knew it damnit. I knew it all along, Blaze ain't going fuckin' anywhere. He's too fuckin' fresh to stay silent for long. That ninjas is balls deep into the recording of his new album, to be droppin' soon on Psychopathic Records. Him and Jamie Madrox got mad tracks already done and me and Shaggy, ABK, Twiztid, fuckin' all the hatchet fam are gonna be up on that piece of freshness. If your wig ain't flipped off yet, shave that bitch off. Because Blaze Ya Dead Homie is back up in the fuckin' GAME MOTHER FUCKERS. WHAT. FUCKIN CLOCK WITH GUN SHOT THREW IT AND ALL. FUCKIN' BLAZE, BITCH.

Juggalos know already, this ain't me tryna sell you some shit either, fuck that. FUCK You, if you don't know about Blaze Ya Dead Homie, that's your own stale fault. Your the stale one on that note. Fuckin' Blaze is the shit! You must need to know that. I knew he would be back too, as soon as we went to cut that new Dark Lotus song for Psychopathic's From Outer Space Part 2. Blaze was up on that bitch with the quickness. He wrote some shit and spit it faster than Tongue Twista. He wasn't about to be left out of that flavor. He's too fuckin' dope for that. Besides how fuckin' stale would that be if Blaze wasn't in Lotus any more? That would fuckin' suck. He's too fuckin' fresh to not rap anymore. No way dude. Him and ABK are talkin' about going out on tour together in a minute and everything. That's gonna be the shit. Blaze and ABK up in your eye piece right quick. That's fuckin' fresh. All them songs that they do together, all up on each other's records, they can do live on stage. If you remember, Blaze was the ninja that first brought ABK on the scene and put him down. Fresh. Them two back to schoolin' it together on stage is fresh enough to slap ya grandma's ass over.

Lotus. Speaking of Lotus, I know one thing. Last Friday night at midnight, Juggalos across the world got there forehead's stamped with flavor when, Psychopathic Records announced the world wide return of Dark Lotus. The truth is Ninjas at the gathering last year found that news out when we told them at the ICP Seminar, that Lotus was returning. They must of forgot and now just when the Juggalo world least expected it, another DL album is coming to crack your sculls into tiny little pieces. I went on the internet and spread rumors like a lil' bitch one night. Little did I know how many ninjas panties would get all into a bunch and crazy additional rumors would get spun off all to hell. The facts are this. This is what we do for a living. We are this 24/7. Rappers. That's what we do. We spit raps. All of us in the Hatchet Fam. Everything in my life revolves around them CD's in the store. All of this shit... the fuckin' T Shirts, dolls, comics, wrestling, movies, what the fuck ever, all of that shit revolves around the music in our eyes and in our lives. Me and Shaggy only really get away at the studio. That is home. That's our safety place. For us, the studio is the one place we shine in real life. And us fuckin' Hatchet rappers, we hang for real. Because we all do the same thing for a living. We all learn from each others lives. It's the shit.

Were a family no doubt. Family's argue. They fight and say things they don't mean on the internet at 4:30 in the mornin' while they are 2/3's drunk and depressed. Real life is real life. But this is real family y'all. If anybody left where would they go? We all love the same people and places. Nobody wants to leave. Nobody is held here. This is home to all of us. We operate this house together as a family. This is what we all operate together, THE HATCHET. Fuck. This is the fuckin wicked shit. I fucked up spreading rumors but that's only because I'm so stale. I'm sorry. Ninjas need to just relax and know that this shit ain't going anywhere ever. Were doing this. FUCK MTV IN THE ASS WITH A LIGHTNING BOLT FOR ALL I CARE. We are the wicked shit. We know our place out there in the GAME. We had to dig it out, we're the underground. Dark LOTUS FAMILY WILL NEVER DIE. THE HATCHET FAM IS ALL LOVE ALWAYS. We fight the same war together. US, Twiztid, ABK, Blaze, Esham, Jumpsteady, Zug Izland, and fuckin Macho Man Randy Savage WILL NEVER DIE. What. No, we didn't sign Macho Man, but that would be fresh though. Don't act like you don't know about his rap album either. And fuck yes I'd do a track with him if I could. Only thing is, I'd have to be spittin' the Wicked Shit. He can rap about whatever he wants to, but me and Shaggy would have to come sick with it.

Man, fuckin fresh ass MC Breed was up at Psychopathic the other day hangin' out with The Rude Boy. That was fresh as hell. I was kickin' it with him for a second, and I played him a verse of a song called "The Witch" off the upcoming Hell's Pit. The lyrics are crazy as hell in the song, man and I think I flipped his dome, because he took off and left right after he heard it. He was probably thinkin' "Man, it ain't no future in my frontin', those fuckin' guys are crazy". I Blasted that shit too. MC Breed's the shit though. I'll never forget when I seen him at Joe Louis Arena with Ice Cube and the Geto Boys. He did "Ain't No Future" and the whole arena looked like pandemonium. He's going out with Esham on tour, pretty soon and that's gonna be the fuckin' shit. I Cant wait for that shit. Im going on that whole mother fucker. I Hope Breed smokes a lot of weed ridin' with us.

The New Dark Lotus album is gonna shake the whole Horror Core, Wicked Shit, Acid Rap FOUNDATION on you mother fuckers. I'm sick of this bull shit. We gonna have so some ninjas what time it is. "Black Rain, bitch". Well, actually its just called "Black Rain". Nobody but me wanted the "bitch" part. See, that's the thing, most ninjas think they know, but they don't. What they don't KNOW is how fresh we are together, Oh and you probably think you know what the whole image and tour is gonna be like too, but see you don't. The only thing you know for sure is that your rockin' a thong in your pants. Because look, this TOUR is just Dark Lotus. Don't come there thinkin' your gonna see anything but Dark Lotus. No ICP set, No Twiztid, No ABK freshnesses, No Blaze, No nothing but Loooootus. All up in your grill pieces. No Faygo either. I Know that sucks, but Dark Lotus doesn't throw Faygo like that. But look at the good side of that, you know what that means? That means that we can play New York City again. We can play Seattle again. Only "WE" is DARK LOTUS. There will be some fresh, or very possibly stale opening groups. But nobody else on the Hatchet will be on the show. Nobody else for sure right now. In other words, we don't fuckin know who's really opening yet. BUT LOTUS IS CLOSING THAT BITCH, KNOW THAT. And this freshness is all kickin' off April. The same month the flowers bloom, they will also die when DARK LOTUS comes to your city on this wicked ass tour. New look, new flavor, same wicked ass sound. See, we take Dark Lotus very seriously yall. That's why we make sure and put it down on tour just as Lotus, and give it it's own, for real love.

Man the last thing I wanna tell yall about is some freshness I been doing lately for Hatchet Gear. I designed a couple of few fresh freshnesses. It's some shit we call, "Violent Wear", by me and our merch guy, Steve Stitchmore. We been schoolin' some shit. Fresh ass shirts too. Were tryna hook up somethin' a lil' bit different for the Juggalos. See, these shirts, they don't represent any certain Hatchet group. These ain't ICP shirts, or Twiztid shirts, you know, these are just Juggalo shirts. (And shorts and jeans too, hopefully soon) But Violent Wear shit is for the more laid back, casual serial killer type of ninja out there. My shit ain't all purple and yellow and crazy clowny, loud, colors, its more stale. Its more, lade back, chillin' Juggalo style. Like Right now, they got three Violent Wear shirts up at Hatchet Gear. Two of them are especially fresh to me. The other one is just fresh to me. Violent Wear shirts ain't silk screen style mall shirts either. Violent Wear shit is all embroidered and stitched up nice style. My shit is fresh. My favorite one that's out right now of the three, is the black shirt that has white writing across the chest that only says "I've Killed Somebody". See, to me, that's a fresh as fuck T shirt. That's all it says. Straight to the point. No bloody blood, no fresh colorful pictures. Just straight up ruthless, "I've Killed Somebody". That's dope to me. In fact every time I sport that shirt ninjas ask where I got it. That shit makes me feel fresh. And on the back it's got a fresh little white Hatchet Man embroidered up at the top. My shirts each got a matching hat for it too. But that shits like $45 fuckin' bucks for both. Look, I know the price is kinda high, but the shit cost skrilla to produce good quality fuckin shit. The hats got the Violent Wear Logo on them. The Logo is pretty regular lookin', but it's the name that matters. VIOLENT WEAR HOE. So fuck Sean John, bitch. Violent WEAR up your ass like a Timberland boot. Check out the dopeness HERE

Man, me and Shaggy along with our two homies the Rude Boy and 2 Tuff Tony are headed out to Nashville, Tennessee yall. Why? I'll fuckin' tell you ninjas why. Because me and Shaggy and of course Rudy and Tony are still to this day, big ass fans of pro wrestling. In fact all 4 of us wrestle. Tony wrestles in Japan every other month reppin' Juggalos and Rudy, well, y'all know about the Rudy Boy. Even after our wrestling adventures have led us to ECW, WCW, WWF, XPW, and even our own JCW, we still hunger for the shit. Well up and outta nowhere the wrestling world is taken by storm by NWA-TNA Wrestling. They got a $10 dollar Pay Per View every Wednesday night. They got some hella tight ass wrestlers over there. Along with Rowdy Roddy Piper, Sting, Lex Lugger, Jeff Jerret, and some other big names, they got a gang on new comers that are the shit to watch. Fuckin' AJ Styles, Chris Sabin, all types of fresh ass ninjas. Now, while watching these fresh Pay Per Views at home, we notice all these Juggalos in the crowd, holding up ICP signs and even paintin' up there faces! We were like woah! We gotta go hang with them Juggalos and check out NWA TNA live. So that's what were gonna do, and if you wanna join us, come with it Y'ALL. This Wednesday its going down y'all. NASHVILLE. The Official Juggalo wrestling fan, hang out, tail gate party, at the Asylum in Nashville for some NWA-TNA live. If your from the area and you wanna hang out with your homies Violent J, Shaggy, 2 Tuff Tony and The Rude Boy, come threw and say "What the fuck is up", to a ninja. CLICK HERE (No crazy Hound Doggin though, Unless your a hot ass bitch). Oh and the rest of you need to GET THAT PAY PER VIEW, if you wanna see us all reppin the Juggalo cause from in the crowd!!! Peep us y'all!

Which reminds me, man, you ninjas might have forgot about us. I'm talking about ICP. See know this much please. We are the WICKED Clowns. All this Juggalo Scandal, shit, scandal my fuckin' NUTS. We kick that wicked shit. This ain't for crybabies. This shit is Wicked Grown Folks music. CARNIVAL OF CARNAGE STYLE. When we first started recording Hells Pit, I felt down and super depressed. I felt like I had more freshness to rap about. Commin' fresh off that whole Shangri-La voyage was crazy fresh. I wanted to keep singin' about Homies, and Diamond Rain. But we had to do what we had to do. It was time to deliver THE OTHER SIDE. We had to get into the mind of hell. We had to take ourselves back to 1991. Before any Luv. AND HELL AINT HAPPY. NO HOMIES IN HELLS PIT. But It wasn't hard, see, dropping the positivity and dipping into our hatreds and evils was easy as cake mix. Because were ICP. We do wicked shit. We been doing it, for 65 years. For a minute there we might of got happy because of all this Juggalo luv it's hard not too.. But let us all not forget... The wicked shit drops jaws even our own, the first time we hear it. And that's just what we intend to do, drop your jaws to the FLO.

Hells Pit is wicked, bad guy shit all the way threw it. The blood shedding don't stop or slow down. To listen to Hells Pit is like head butting a brick wall. It will kill you. Hells Pit will poses you and make you murder hundreds of people. That wicked shit is dangerous. Esham, Mike P, Fritz The Cat, and Monoxide have all contributed beats for Hells Pit so far. We're about 16 songs completed. But we've recorded about 30 or 40 songs so far. All I can think about is the wicked shit. It has takin' us over. Me and Shaggy bring victims to the studio and murder them just for realer sound effects. Once again its me and Shaggy rippin' shit up over old school ass wicked shit beats. Tellin' stories. SO many stories. Dark, gruesome, murder tales. Songs called "Burning Up", "Sedatives", "Preacha Killa", "Truly Alone", "Al Lik A Zam", "Angels Falling", "The Man That Never Died", and many, many more. Fresh shit. Old school ass ICP. The shit sounds like some "'Amy's In The Attic' meets 'Dead Body Man' meets 'Night Of The Axe' meets 'Wagon Wagon'" type of shit. Fast, ruthless, wicked rap shit. ICP all across your neck with a straight blade. Just when you mom loved us too. Now she's gonna have to hate us again, fuck. Sorry but, I, I, I, I Kick THE WICKED SHIT. It's almost Hells Pit time baby.

Did I mention that the one thing that sucked for me, about last night, seeing Sponge, was man, that ninja Vinnie. The lead singer guy, he's fresh and all, but for me, last night, he was a bit too much rock and roll style for me. He peeled his fuckin' shirt off about 3 songs deep into there set reveling his skinny ass, rock star, junkie bird chest frame. Complete with fuckin' 3 sizes two small, rock and roll, damn near spandex pants. Look man, what the fuck is that shit. Maybe that's cool for the chicks, but man, not for me. I told G-Man to bring him out a shirt when he goes out there but he wouldn't do it. Vinnie even had little stars tattooed over his nipples. Man, I didn't know what the fuck to think. I wanted to leave because every time I looked, all I could see was them fuckin' stars dancing and I was gettin' queasy. Finally I did a double shot of Jager and quit noticing. No matter how good the song sounds, seeing a shirtless man dancing around in spandex pants with stars tatted over his nipples just aint my cup of Faygo. Sponge is the fuckin' shit though, and I'm only playin'. I'm just tryna be funny. I'm sure Vinnie probably looks and me and Shaggy throwin' Faygo on each other and says "Yeah and that's fresh?" Last night was the shit though. Just hangin' out with my boys in the D was all good to me. We even smoked a blunt in the fuckin' middle of the floor, like ballers. Nobody said nothing, it was all love. Sponge was the shit, Mike P and Sin were the shit, and my weekly Freekly is over. Peace and one love to the Juggalo World. I'm out like Michael Jackson's penis at a playground.

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