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Violent J's Weekly Freekly — 2004, April, 26th

What the hell is up y'all...
Wheeeeewww! Were back on Tour. Thank fuckin' fully. After like three fuckin' months of sittin' around on our asses in the studio creating neutron bombs to drop upon your faces, we're finally back out on the road and playing live again. From New York to LA we're about to re-butter this toast from coast to coast. And it's all of us too! Dark Lotus Bitch. ICP, Twiztid, Blaze and Anybody Killa. All freakin' shit as one D Unit... Dark Lotus.

Everything is the shit and all, but man, it's hard up there as Lotus. I ain't even gonna lie to a ninja. I mean, yeah, it's a pretty easy show to do rappin' wise, because each rapper has only got one little verse to do per song. But fuck man, them Dark Lotus stage hook ups and mask are fuckin' hot as hell. Last night in Columbus, it was 350 degrees up on that stage. There was a sold out crowd of 1200 Juggalos packed into the Newport. 600 of them were holding torches. And we came out wearing our triple fat, goose feather down snow suits and mask, and fuckin' 22 pound boots, and gloves. Holy fuck. It was crazy. I was crying out loud under my mask. We all were, just not on the mic. And we ain't got no fuckin' Faygo up there coolin' us off as Dark Lotus either. All we got is a few water bottles on stage, but they were all boiling. None the less, that shit is still fresh as hell. Man, you ninjas really are a trip too. Really. I mean you ninjas learn the words to our songs faster than us. We barely even know the new shit yet and you all somehow cover us. We just can't figure y'all out.

I don't remember if I ever told y'all about this before but, one time on the Shangri La Tour, when we played the fresh ass Electric Factory in Philly, we met this lady. She was a College Professor. No lie. She was a fresh ass, real college professor from some big college someplace (Penn State, maybe State Penn, I don't remember which college it was). She explained to me and Shaggy that the class she teaches is about UNITY among people. (I know that's kind of deep but just listen, shallow ass.) Her class was about groups, posses, cliques, crews, clubs, secret societies and the whole sense one has of "wanting to belong" to something. Then she told us that they use US as a major example! We was like "whoa"! She told us that she and her class study The Juggalo Family. They study us! No fuckin' lie, y'all. She said "They use the Juggalo Fam as a primary example of UNITY and bonding among people. She's been to 20 something Juggalo concerts and events and spoken with 100's of Juggalos and interviewed them. Now she wanted to interview me and Shaggy about it all, and so we did a big long interview for her. It was a fresh interview. She told me she would've hit the blunt 10 years ago, but not anymore. She took notes on a college professor pad. But, I think, she could take all the notes she wanted, still, she and her class won't be able to crack this case. Nobody can. It really is magic. Juggalo unity was not masterminded, or thought up, it was never fuckin' plotted out, or invented, it just fuckin' happened. Like it was always meant to be. I don't know about any other crews or cliques out there, but Juggalo Unity, is UNEXPLAINABLE. Even for a real College Professor, I believe. We can teach all day, but the bottom line is that it's all purely speculation anyway.

Back to the Lotus Tour.
SO far we've only played 3 shows. Detroit, Cleveland and Columbus. All three have been sold out. That's always super karma boosting. There ain't nothin' like a fat ass, packed house full of ninjas. Fuckin' dope. We started the tour in D Town, byatch. HOME OF THE LOTUS... but y'all know this. Well, actually we played in Pontiac which is about 45 minutes north of Detroit, but it's all murderous out here in the "Murder Glove" as Esham calls it.

The first night we schooled it. The second night we ruled it, and last night we ruled while schoolin' it. It was fuckin' dope. Lavel did a couple of the shows with us, and Layzie Bone's been fuckin' schoolin' it too. I ain't even had a chance to sit and kick it with Layzie yet, but it's only been 3 shows. And plus all our extra homies and peoples have been ridin' with us because we all knew we'd be coming right back to Detroit for todayís day off (Sunday). Tomorrow we head out for the long run startin' off in Cincinnati. Since Iím chillin', I figured I'd hook y'all up with a fresh Freekly.

My bunk is the one with the nude Janet Jackson photos on the wall. Not them lame ass ones from the Super Bowl either. I'm talkin' about the ones my homie Rude Boy downloaded off the Internet and gave to me. Naked ass shots, neden shots and tittie shots of her sun-bathing nude. Man, holy fuck man. Everything is perfect except for her fake titties. See, it looks like maybe there startin' to sag a lil'. They look like 2 soft balls hangin' there. Nothing is staler than a fake ass tittie. If I had a fake ass dick, you think hoes would be tryna polish that?

One time on the Amazing Jeckel Brothers Tour, we played New York City. Some crazy ass ninja climbed up the back of our tour bus somehow and hid on top of it. We never knew a thing. We pulled outta the venue... drove outta the city... across the bridge and fuckin' more than half way to Boston. We drove for hours. We finally stopped at a truck stop to get some late nite eats. We went in and Billy and them's tour bus came pulling in behind us. That's when they seen the kid climbing down back off our bus. The kid explained himself and Billy Bill decked him right quick on the chin chilly for being so fuckin' stupid.

Anybooty Feela is swingin' his axe again..
Anybody Killa is about to drop his best fuckin shit ever in my eyes. I fuckin love his new shit. His shit is seriously dope. He's got the whole Hatchet Fam on this bitch again and with fuckin' Killa ass shit like "Trees And The Woods," "Gimme a Fuckin Beat," and fuckin' "Oh No," it's over with. People are gonna have to call their moms for a ride home. Killa is about to put the Axe to the industry. His new shit is called "Dirty History" but y'all already know that. But you don't know this... He's about to shoot his first big ass budget video for his first single "Hey Y'all" here in Detroit. Anybody Killa will also be appearing at a big ass Lumbee Indian Tribe Parade held in North Carolina this year holdin' it down for his peeps. Also look for Killero to hit the road by himself this summer. This time at bat Killa's gonna get some fuckin' love in this bitch.

Alex News...
Our manager Alex Abbiss is also on the fuckin' move these days. He's been flying all over the fuckin' place every week. Wearing suits and meeting with big shots of the music biz. Alex and his partners opened up 2 new record labels. One is for rock and roll bands (Axe-N-Smash Records) and one is for rap and R & B (U.M.Z. Entertainment). As Psychopathic Records further etches itself out in stone as America's greatest fuckin' underground record company ever alive, Alex will now play his hand at the big tables a well. We look at it like this. Psychopathic does the underground wicked shit. Anything affiliated with that little, red Hatchet Man, gets our stamp of approval. Not ours as in ICP'S but the whole Hatchet Family's approval. You know it's for Juggalos, if THE HATCHET IS ON IT. We promise. To many ninjas got tattoos and shit of the Hatchet to ever to turn that into something else, and have groups all soft and radio lovely and still bear the Hatchet. No fuckin' way. Psychopathic does the wicked shit. Some of the groups they're signing are great acts, they're not Juggalo style, but they're fresh none the less. Alex is the man and I'd love to see one of them fuckin' groups blow up for him. Alex has been in this game for a long time, and he fuckin' knows a lot and is still learning. It's about time he set out to really see how far he can go in this business.

Check This out...
There's a Juggalo ninja named Vinnie from Detroit. Some of y'all have seen him on our Shockumentary DVD years ago. Some of y'all might know him. That DVD was made in 1996 or '97 I think. That kid has been down for real. This ninja was a lil' ass kid when he first became a fuckin' Juggalo, a lil' ass kid. I'm talkin' about 1992 byatch, that's fuckin' 12 years ago. Well, this past weekend, I fuckin' seen Vinnie at all 3 Dark Lotus shows. He don't bring his dad no more, on the count that he's not no lil' ass kid no more. That ninja has stuck it out, and now he's a grown ass man and still down with the HATCHET PRODUCT. Fuckin' that's fresh as hell. He ain't never out grown us or phased off our shit. He a true fan. Not once has that ninja ever fuckin' hound dogged us. He ain't never asked us for shit. He never showed up at our fuckin' houses, talkin' about "Sup on family luv dog, I need a place to stay!" I think he just likes the music and that's all he's in it for. That's my boy man, many props to you Vinnie. And he ain't the only fuckin' one either... Many props to all of those Juggalos that stuck with us all these years. Man, were so grateful to have somehow actually kept y'all entertained and happy over all these years, and throughout the Dark Carnival's 6 Jokers Cards.

Hope we don't lose y'all after the PIT DROPS....

Much like that fresh college professor does, allow me to school y'all. My class is called "A Great Story." Now zip that fuckin' lip and listen, or read this... read what I am typing to your peepers. Soak this into your brain. Get schooled on what I am about to say. Download this into your ass hole, bitch. It's bell time.

What makes a story great? A lot of things, but most importantly, the ending. What fresh story do you know that has a lame fuck ending? None. See, you gotta realize that the FRESH RIDE is the story itself, but the ending is the revelation to it all. Every great story never becomes truly great until its ending is revealed. Then the mystery is solved. Then people can finally sit back and recognize the beauty of it all. They can finally see it all, and take it all in. It all ties together now. A great story should be an emotional roller coaster to its listeners. Throughout the story or movie, or book, it should take them on an emotional voyage through times of laughter, through times of sorrow, times of anger, love, and all that good shit. But most important is the fuckin' ending. That's gotta be the show stoppa! That's gotta close the book. That's gotta crack the smile or jerk the fuckin' tear. Well, hey... we believe we did it with the 6 Jokers Card's double ending.

We figured... What is the ultamate ending? Death. You see, Death is the ending to all of our stories. As living people, here today, we all know that one day, death will be our ending. We all know that. Therefore of course the idea of ending a great story with death ainít nothing new, but it's still fresh.

NOW, we all know how it works. After DEATH, they say, you either go to HEAVEN or to HELL. The Wraith Shangri La was the Heaven part. That was the Heaven ending. Now is the alternate hell part. All of us are gonna eventually die, unfortunately, and when we do, some of us are gonna be going to Heaven and some of us will be going to hell. It's a private reality for each one of us, depending on who we are, and how we live our lives. Well that's how we end our Dark Carnival story. We point them out to you. Heaven and hell. Now comes the Wraith, Hell's Pit Era. August 31st, it begins. Right when it's hot as hell out.

After that, it's all over. The whole Jokers Card legacy ends. But it will always be right there. The whole thing. For you to sit back and take in. Sit back and recognize. That's it. Its over and done. There will be no 7th fuckin' Joker's cards bitch, or no gay shit we suddenly make up to try and be fresh with it.

Needless to say, the fact is that we feel that with The Wraith's Shangri La and Hells Pit albums combined, we delivered that fresh ending. We delivered the goods worth waitin' for. That ending piece. The show stoppa, the book closer, the tearjerker, the smile cracka, and all that good shit. Byatch. So take your thongs off and boogie.

If your one of the many people who somehow thought that the Wraith Shangri La was it, and from now on, me and Shaggy were going to be doing Gospel music, Iím sorry. Quit gettin' all caught up in the moment like that. Because here comes hells pit, and that's gonna fuck around and hurt your feelings. Your mom ainít gonna be proud of the Pit, in fact she's gonna fuckin' hate us again. The Pit is wicked. The Pit is like the Devil's turn at bat. You gotta know this. See, hopefully after it's all said and done, starting on August 31st, (or earlier for downloading early faggots that cant wait like pussy asses) it will all finally start to make sense. It's all just a story. You choose which ending you'll have. After the Pit drops, stop step back and take it all in. Because it's all "A Great Story".

Each Jokers card is somebody's favorite. That's all that really matters. Our voices, and our styles and sounds may have changed a lot over the years but we've always tried to keep it Dark Carnival and wicked. The story ends with Hell's Pit. But after that comes out, stop, look at them all, and see the whole thing and realize they'll all always be there. I donít want Hells Pit to come out and have everybody thinking were fuckin' Satanic or something either.

Some people get caught up in the Fresh Ride of the story. After Shangri La was released, a lot of people got saucy in the eyeballs on us. Emotional. So listen... We donít want anybody taking Hells Pit the wrong fuckin' way. Some people thought we got all holy, and I donít want nobody thinkin' we're all unholy after Hells Pit drops. Just realize it's all just a story. This story, our Dark Carnival story much like the story of our lives, has two alternate, ultimate endings. You know what they are. And they'll both be there forever waitin on that ass.

Lets talk about the Pit
I donít wanna kill the flavor for you, I just more or less wanna pre-warn y'all. Don't think we went crazy. But we did. IT'S BACK TO THE OLD SCHOOL DAYS. THE OLD, OLD, OLD DAYS Before Chickin' Huntin'. PLEASE, Listen to the 1st Jokers Card, 1992's "Carnival of Carnage". The second half of that record ain't nothin' nice. That's like a glimpse of Hells Pit. It's back to that C.O.C, WICKED SHIT. It's straight up FULL CIRCLE for us, bitch. We didn't forget what we do. We know what we do! We do Horror Rap, Horror Core, fuckin' Acid Rap, fuckin', call it what you want. "The Wicked Shit" is what we call it. That's what ICP was born to do. Hell's Pit is for lovers of the Wicked Shit. They will appreciate this album. They will love us for doing this record. On Hells Pit, there's not much rock and rollin' and fuckin' singin', this record is more like, horror tale after horror tale, mixed in with other songs that describe hell. That's the best way to describe the Pit. "Horror tale after Horror tale, mixed in with songs that describe hell". Fuck yeah.

This shit is on some other. Backwards clocks and devils tales. This shit is really not that funny at all either. There's not much humor. It's a lot of stories and tales of sick murderers and killers and what might be going on in their minds, as told by us. The record moves fast as hell, then slow, then fast, then slow. No special guest nowhere. Just me and Shaggy. Even on the hooks. It's wicked and depressing next to Shangri La. But thatís the freshness of it. That's the art of it all. Hells Pit should be sickening. Were talking about hell.

The Wraith Shangri La was the peak of where ICP has gone to this day, the peak of what we've become both as people and as musicians. Since day one, when we dropped that 1st Jokers Card, look at all that has happened to us... Look at how good the world had been to us, look at the people like Twiztid and Killa and Blaze that roll with us, the fam we got, look at all the love we got, the crew we got. Look the Juggalo world and Family luv and all that... but now it's right back to day one. That's the state of mind we went into making this record. When we were pissed off, broke and lonely. THIS ONE IS SICK. The Wraith Hell's Pit Album gives you the opposite feeling that Shangri La gives you. This one makes you angry and sad. You never celebrate Hell's Pit. There's no partying on this record. There's no fuckin' homies, or diamonds, no ticker tape parades. This one is the suffering half. The dark ending. The Pain.

We don't want Hell's Pit to bring anybody down. If it will bring you down, just look the other way........... Baby bitch.

Well I gotta go. Sorry it took so long to get another freekly to ya, but man. We been so locked down in studio it's been fuckin' frightening. Come on out and check out The Lotus Tour. You know, come see ya boys. Peace. I'm out like Janet's naked ass.

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