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Violent J's Weekly Freekly — 2004, July, 2nd

Miscellaneous babbling and fresh news mixed all in one! (Part 3)

Day 1
This morning we got up early as fuck. Fuckin' it was like 6:30 am. The guy came and got us and we started heading to the set. (I can't believe how many fuckin' people are awake and somehow driving around doing shit that fuckin' early. Whatever the fuck they're doing, why can't it just wait until later?) Next thing I knew we were at the video shoot. It was at an old mansion in South Central LA, home of many of the greatest gangsta rappers on earth including Young MC. This big ass house is old, scary and haunted as hell.

The ninja producing the video is named Paul Andreson and he's done all our fresh shit. From "Shockumentary", to "Born Twiztid", to "Homies". He's the one guy that when he does something for Psychopathic, you KNOW it's gonna be fresh.

The video is called "Bowling Balls" and it's about two crazy brothers (Me and Shaggs) who collect human heads. They have thousands of them, all over the house and floor. They love to play with them, hold them, kick them and roll 'em around. You know. Fun with craniums.

Man... the first scene, the first thing we did, the first shot we took, was of me and Shaggy ripping a bitch in half and her spine comes out and off with the head. That's the kind of video were making, baby. The kind of video MTV couldn't show even if they were fresh.

All day long we shot today. It's only me, Joey, Lavel and Tony out here. Everybody else is back home in Detroit working on their own shit. They got some actors and actresses in the movie who are cool, but we just pretty much kept to ourselves.

Day 2
Back to the same set. More murder. More slaughter. This video has no boundaries or rules. Fuck MTV, VH1, VH2, MTV2, 3, and 4, BET, whoever. Ain't nobody ever playing this bitch anyplace.

Man it fuckin' sucks to have to be a gentleman all the time on these video shoots. Actress and model chicks walk past you with their asses all sticking all out, bouncing at you and you cant even spank 'em once or you might catch a civil case.

As I said yesterday the video is being shot in South Central, LA and yesterday while Joey was doing some scene, I went across the street from the house and sat on the curb and just smoked one with a couple local gangbangers. They were cool. They were just watching the video shoot. They told me they weren't big fans of ICP yet, but they were big fans of the lil', hot ass, Asian chick that's been runnin' around in the video wearing a lil' mini skirt. I agreed and hit the blunt to that one.

Between takes, we had our own spot that we all chilled at too. It was on the top floor of the house and up on the roof. It was way up high. Between takes we would sit out there and smoke. It overlooked smoggy ass downtown LA, and the many ghettos of South Central. It was fresh. We had chairs and shit up there. That's our lil' getaway spot.

Hard work, hard work and more hard work was all that today really amounted to, which is cool. It's gonna be a bomb ass video. We didn't finish up shooting scenes until after midnight. We went right back to our crack motor hotel and fell out.

Day 3
Today we fuckin' got completely schooled. We didn't go back to the haunted house today. This time we shot at night. All night. We shot all the outdoor scenes. Man, this location was the shit. We were up on the side of mountain and we were overlooking the Hollywood Hills. They had huge lights up that lit up the entire side of the mountain to make it look all scary. Man, they fuckin' schooled it. But today nobody schooled it harder than Shaggy. He was the shit today. He fuckin' did all his own stunts. He got hit by a car and then went flying into the sky. They had cables and shit all rigged up to him. They even had a professional stunt guy standing around painted up like Shaggy, but they never had to use him. Shaggy schooled it all himself. Everybody was all cheering and applauding for him after every take. I'm flat out telling you that this video is going to be the shit. We got stunts, bloody murder, hot ass bitches and all that freshness. We also had found another chill spot. This time it was way up on the side of a mountain and it overlooked a huge valley and also the famous Hollywood sign. One time while we were sitting there chillin', a fresh ghetto bird helicopter flew over us, and beamed its spotlight on the "Hollywood" sign, I guess it was just checking it all out making sure it was all good. It just looked fresh as fuck from where we were. Man sometimes I can't believe how lucky we get to be. Just sittin there on the side of a mountain, smoking a blunt, watching that shit. Man.

Get the video along with the flames of hell on August 31st.

Wrestling Fans... Read this:
From time to time, when I get a chance, I like to pick up a wrestling magazine, or even check out a wrestling web site. I love wrestling. My whole crew does. It's in our blood and it always will be. But these websites and magazines, they always like to take a stab at me and Shaggy from time to time. Like when we enter or exit a big promotion they might right a little note about it in their news sections...

They'll usually say some lil' crack like "Insane Clown Posse has re-joined wrestling (again) and unfortunately this time it's NWA-TNA, the fact is, I've never understood what these guys are doing in wrestling, they don't belong in the sport at all."

Or they'll say "Thank God ICP is back out of wrestling again, according to the goofy clowns' web site they said 'they're just too busy with other projects' (Cough Cough)"

The bottom line is, usually almost always, they're dissing us in one sort or another. They always seem to comment on how ICP basically has no place in pro wrestling.

We'll let me ask these old, perverted, pedophile wrestling journalists, that never made it into the sport themselves for whatever reason, this question...

Have you fucks ever stood in a pro wrestling dressing room? Have you ever stopped and looked around yourself in a pro wrestling dressing room? Look around you... It's a mother fuckin' circus. You got ninjas in spandex, ninjas in big furry mask, ninjas in leather, ninjas in face paint and muscle ties, ninjas in purple shiny boots, ninjas in pink leotards, and baby blue panties walking around all baby oiled up.

The shit is a mother fuckin' circus backstage weather you wanna admit it or not. Most wrestlers look and act like they walked right out of a comic book when the cameras are rolling. They look like cartoon characters with all them bright ass colors and costumes. Especially when I'm high, I walk in backstage and I sometimes have to stop and think "What the fuck is going on? Where the fuck am I?" This shit looks crazy. It looks like were all putting on a play or something. It's a show, a circus, a spectacle.

And so I ask these writers that think ICP don't belong in wrestling... HOW THE FUCK DO YOU FIGURE? What's wrong with rapping clowns that also wrestle? (Who actually were wrestlers before we rapped anyway?) Shit, over the decades wrestlers have wrestled everything and everybody from live bears, comedians, women, football players, actors, people out of the crowd, and what the fuck makes ICP any different. We fit into that dressing room better than YOU THE WRITERS. THAT'S WHY Y'ALL NEED A PRESS PASS TO EVEN GET BACK THERE. WE GET PAID TO BE BACK THERE, BITCH. So rethink your comments because they sound a lil' stupid and ridiculous. You're supposed to know about the sport you write about.

Now, we are well aware that me and Shaggy ain't no Chris Benoit or Rob Van Damn, but we're perfect to be on the card, and make the real talent look that much better. That's our role, you fuck asses. We have a role to fill and we love doing it. So think before you write. At least we ain't a pedophile like half y'all wrestling journalist fags. Keep dissin' us and we'll just keep doing what we love which is wrestle. And we can wrestle pretty much any time and any place we want, byatch. We been to WWF, WCW, ECW, XPW, NWA-TNA, MLW, ROH, MAD INDEPENDENT PROMOTIONS and we operate and promote JCW, which is our own shit. We'll always pop in and out of promotions any time we want. Because the sport and its promoters are much more smarter than you the writer/reviewer fuck mark is. You wanna write about something, try writing about these clownly nuts.

Anybody Killa just shot a video for the song "Hey Y'all" off his new album "Dirty History". It was filmed all over Detroit. East Side, West Side, on top, under it, all over this fuckin' city. Fellow Native American rapper Lightfoot flew in just to make an appearance in the video and everything. I'm tryna tell y'all, Killa is gonna do this for real this time.

Man Killa's Native love really tripped me out on the Lotus tour. When the tour came threw Phoenix and Albuquerque it tripped me out how popular ABK was. Native Americans came from miles around just to see him. I thought that shit was fresh. Mad Natives came out to show Killa love. Many Natives weren't even Juggaloized yet.... Yet I said. Killa is merging the best of both worlds.

Esham has started his new album entitled "A-1-Yola". He says this is his full return to the wicked shit. No lie. No slower smooth shit this time. He says its all back to that true, original Wicked Shit. His brother James Smith is BACK ON ESHAM'S SIDE, and together they're respected like Dre and Suge in these parts. E's new album will probably be out much sooner than you expect because he's been in the Lotus Pod pretty fuckin' hard lately making secret tracks. James has been putting the finishing touches on ESHAM'S NEW FULL LENGTH BOOK. That's right y'all. He's got a book coming out with his new album, just to let y'all know the TRUTH of the mystery that is Esham. He's on some new yet classic shit. I know this because I heard three of the tracks.

Twiztid new bump bump is out and poppin'. Cryptic Collection 3 hit the stores--then left the stores due to SOLD OUT STATUS. Then re-entered the stores and is now all over the streets. I know y'all dig that Joker tune, 'cause I know I do. But I dig all the tunes. THAT'S MY FAMILY!

That CC3 really is a heavy, solid ass album. There's a lot of great shit on there including a new Lotus track and fuckin 8 brand new songs! It's a good solid product. But the WORLD is still wondering, what's up with that 100% BRAND NEW, BAD, BYACTH, FULL LENGTH, BIG DADDY, WICKED TWIZTID ALBUM. Well I cant tell you that yet, but I will tell your eyeballs this much.... Monoxide and Madrox have plans that they have revealed to my ear holes in complete secrecy. These plans are big. These plans have never been done in the history of music. It's all going down with the release of their new album... "Man, Myth, & Mutant".

It's time for Twiztid to take some shit and bring it all to another level. Watch 'em. Just wait and bump that bomb ass CC3 for now.

Blaze Ya Dead Homie is back at it too. His loooong awaited, 2nd album and new beginning "Colton Grundy" is almost finished and I've heard about 60% of it. And just listening to that much pounded 60% of my head in. It's that raw, wicked shit. I love Blaze's new shit because he rhymes in many different styles on this record. I love that about it. Blaze is expanding his carnival wings and bringin' y'all Juggalos a couple new sides and sounds from Ya Dead Homie. And when I get back from LA, we're gonna do a couple of songs together and were gonna wrap that piece up! The album features a few guest super duper stars you might be surprised about. Chick.

Check Check Check it out.... My brother, and much loved Juggalo star Jump Steady, is back home in the US after spending eight grueling months in Europe jump starting are brother company Europathic. He's the man like that. Now that that's all good, Jump Steady has returned to Detroit Murderous.

About a week after his return, he made a startling announcement to us at Psychopathic... Drum roll please byatch........................ Rob Bruce Lee, my brother, Jump Steady is ready to start production on his own, solo, debut, full-length album! He plans to serve your Juggalo eardrums up some full course flavor. First he released the Chaos Theory EP, which rumbled the underground, and now a fuckin' full-length album by Jump Steady? What is this world coming to? The world is coming to be a Juggalo world, that's what byatch.

That's it for now... Its almost gathering time... My advice, don't miss the Mystery Seminar. I love y'all, especially those of y'all still reading this. Man, Ill see y'all at the Gathering. I'm out like Ray Charles. Peace.

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