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Injektion XL Interview: [2.14.2006]

What up Tkilla? This'll be our first interview, hopefully it will give us a little more knowledge about Injektion XL, and give some insight to readers who wanna know more about ya'll. We'll get this rollin with an easy question.

Q: Whos in Injektion XL and who's in the behind-the-scenes of Injektion XL?

A: Injektion XL consists of two main members, Tkilla & Pro-Vok. Behind the scenes of Injektion XL we have Dementid(the main producer of XL), Dmize(A.K.A. Kkilla - our main video, DVD, and web site developer), Frank "The Man" BonTempo(lays down most of the live guitar for XL), Dirty Steve(helps with the production of the DVD's and Videos along with Dmize), Gregg Kelly(booking agent for XL), Chris Stark(booking agent for XL), J.C.(produces most of the merchandise for XL), the official XL street crew(consists over 20 states), and there are many others that help us along the way with the stuff we need done.

Q: I've known of and about you guys for a while, Karnie Killa (now known as dmize) and I go way back to our web design days. Were you guys puttin out music way back then, where did the beginnings of pre-Injektion XL start?

A: Well, we have been around and doing music since Dmize and I(Tkilla) were about 8 years old. We are cousins and got into the music biz together. We started out of course with little rap groups just fuckin around makin raps, just for fun. When we finally started to get serious about it all, we formed our first main group called: "Tkilla N' Kkilla" which most people knew us by. We did the T N K thing for about 2 or 3 years coming out with 3 E.P. releases, Tkilla's first solo E.P. "Hell's Hood", Kkilla's first solo E.P. "Welcome to Hell" and the third being Tkilla N' Kkilla "Where The Body Fallz" E.P.. We did a massive amount of shows around the Cleveland, Ohio area including the Gathering Of The Juggalos 2004 at Nelsons Ledges. After that Kkilla and I(Tkilla) separated due to his grueling schedule of work and school. We started getting offers to play outside the state and go to different cities but K could not go due to his responsibilities, so we did what was best for that time, and discontinued the group. I(Tkilla) started doing some small solo shows with the help of one of my best friends Adam(A.K.A. Pro-Vok). He would hype me on stage, and we started doing more and more shows. By this time the local rap scene in the C was bleak and there were only a few local rappers in the area that were decent. Our shows started gettin more hype and crazy and people were really starting to recognize our presence. Some more shit went down and we got Kkilla back into the mix and thats when we started Injektion XL. It started out with 3 members Tkilla, Kkilla, and Pro-Vok. Some more shit went down and we ended up again back at two members Tkilla and Pro-Vok. Dmize went off to work on his schooling for music and video full time now, so it was Pro-Vok and I for around a half a year until we met up with Dementid. He was another local MC from the area that was a musical genius. so we started working with him and before ya knew it Dementid was apart of Injektion XL. Now back at 3 members, we were going strong and everything was looking solid for XL. We got about half way done with our new disc "Xtra Lethal" and found out that Dementid was going to be moving to Winter Park, Florida to take college classes on music producing and many other music biz traits. So we had to go back through all the songs and take D out of most of the cuts since it was only back to 2 members Tkilla and Pro-Vok. Dementid features on many tracks on "Xtra Lethal" and ripped it hardcore for all the fans. Even though he is in Florida now, in the all the warmth(you bastard), we still miss him to hell and he is still a huge force in Injektion XL.

Q: Speaking of beginnings, I have a track somewhere on my computer, it just so happens to talk about the well known food chain Arbys. Does Dmize intend on doing any remakes of this song and/or releasing the original to the general public?

A: HAHAHA. I know exactly what track your talking bout. Me and K recorded that track called "Fuck Arbys" a LONG LONG LONG time ago. That was prolly our first well known track around our area. We wrote it because a couple years back I(Tkilla) was eating some Arbys when i bit into my roast beef sandwich and bit into a small hunk of plastic debree of some sort. Ever since that day i hated and degrated arbys and so came the song "Fuck Arbys". We were prolly around 9 or 10 years old when we recorded that. We do not intend on releasing that track due to the horrible quality that it was recorded in. But Dmize actually re-made the beat and recorded a whole new song over it, but other than that, that song is just one for the history books.

Q: How long have you been rapping?

A: Almost 13 years now, i started when i was around 8 just doing bullshit raps for fun kinda like some weird al yankovic shit, but now its all serious.

Q: Random Question. Kkilla stands for Karnie Killa, what's Tkilla stand for?

A: HAHA. Im setting this record straight...Tkilla don't stand for shit, its never has and never will. My first name is Tom so thats how the T part of it came about. The killa part was just added to it from some homies back in the day. People have been callin me Tkilla for years and years so it just stuck with me. i guess people call me that because i am so damn stubborn when it comes to shit. If i get my mind set on something i wont quit till i have it. So i guess anything i do i just kill it. Flat out.

Q: Who were your influences growing up, and what kind of effect have they had on what you do as artists?

A: My main influences growing up was heavy metal, i listened to hardcore shit like manson, white zombie, korn, hatebreed, mushroomhead, crazy shit like that. when i got into middle school i was straight I.C.P. and shit but i still listened to metal. I guess i just like anything thats hardcore and can get people moving. I have loved the whole Psychopathic thing since i was about 11. Now i just listen to anything thats good basically. I guess this style of music has gotten me going, ever since i would go out and see these bands live, i always just wanted to do that, thats what i like to do entertain people.

Q: Have you had a chance to meet any of those influences?

A: i have met soooooo many cool people along the way of doing music its crazy. i have met and chilled with everyone on Psy. Records, i have met and chilled with everyone on suburban noise records, i have met and chilled with marz, i have met and chilled with mike jones(who likes our music), i have met with lloyd banks of the g-unit(who used our cordless mic's the last time he played in cleveland), i have met troy hudson from the Minnesota timberwolves(he also used our mics), i have met and chilled with jim the guitarist from chimaria, i have met and chilled with one of the girls from kittie(dont remember who haha), i have met king gordy, i have met and chilled with all of the strange music artists, i have met and chilled with bizzy bone(when i drove him 9 hours up to new york), and the list go's on and on. i have met so many great people that really appreciate what we do its fuckin awesome.

Q: You rock shows and all that, I've seen ads for some of the concerts you've done, and the big underground names you've done them with. You must have some mad hustlin skills to be a part of such a show. Any advice to any up and coming artists/groups on how to make it all happen?

A: HAHA. if i said anything i would only be fuckin myself. There is soooo many rappers now-a-days thats everyone wants a peice of the pie. i aint rich, shit im in debt right now, so untill i got those stacks in my pocket, i aint sayin shit but good luck to ya'll.

Q: Since i mentioned hustlin, it brings me to a quick question... how do you fund the production of your music. haha, but seriously, does it cost a lot to put out a cd? And how do you manage to scrape up the money?

A: this is a good question. a question that not many ask, but is a huge factor in the scene. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE $, YOU CANNOT MAKE $, point said. we fund our music with working jobs, and hustling other goods. sometimes its seems as if i wanna give up and quit doing music, but i love it so much that i cannot quit till i get as far as i possibly can. like right now, im doing this interview with 4 quarters in my pocket and we gotta show tonight with lavel in cleveland. so many people ask us if were rich....hahahah rich i wish...our fans have more money than us because every cent i get goes into this music shit. i struggle buyin cigs, and beer and what not cause i gotta burn some samplers or print out some flyers or some shit. But all in all its for the good, and we'll see were it takes us.

Q: I've only had the chance to see you once in concert, and that was the '04 Gathering of the Juggalos. What were your feelings about that particular show, and what were your experiences with that years events.

A: That is still to this date the largest show we have ever played. That gathering show was like the 5th show we ever played if i can remember correctly. we were nervous about going out there and shit, but we went out there and rocked it as hard as we could. i think it was a descent set, not the best we have ever done because we have never played that type of show before. once your getting ready to go on in front of around 12,000 people you get nervous. hahaha, but i look back on it now as a positive stepping stone to where we are now. And if we could play the gathering again this year i guarantee we would wreck that place like no other.

Q: The '04 Gathering took place in Ohio, and any ninja thats heard your music or been to your website knows what city you be reppin, but lets let em all know. What do you rep and where you be reppin it at?


Q: So you and Pro-Vok have a new cd out. I've given it a listen, but there's a lot of people out there who have yet to hear your sound. Why the name Xtra Lethal, and where did your inspiration come from to produce all those fresh ass tracks?

A: well, we picked xtra lethal because it is our first major release of being Injektion XL. We figured that "Xtra Lethal' would fit the title on the first cd, its kinda like a self-titled thing i guess. Our homie Dementid produced all of the beats on xtra lethal and me and Pro-Vok did all the lyrics. i guess the song ideas just came to us, its what we like to do, some hardcore in your face shit.

Q: I've only to assume putting out your heart and soul on a cd is fun, but isnt putting it all together a bit challenging and time consuming?

A: ohhhh yes. its all fun, i love making the music and everything about it. Of course its challenging, if it wasnt then everyone would be doing it. i have put almost a year of blood, sweat, and tears into "Xtra Lethal" and i still think that some things could have been better, but all in all it is the best cd we have released yet, and i am damn proud of it. Flat out.

Q: How long did it take everybody to get together and produce this cd, from beginning to end

A: Almost a full year. Due to group members coming and going. We kept having to restart the project.

Q: One of my favorite tracks is the bonus track at the end of the cd, I think its pretty wicked. But lets not talk about that, we'll let em all wonder what it is. Which track is your favorite?

A: oh man, tough one. i would have to say my favorite cut is either "Bringin' The Pain"(Feat. Dementid) or "Shut The Fuck Up"(Feat. Spooky). But i love all the songs on that disc cause i spent so much time on them all.

Q: Whats the best thing about puttin out music, doin shows, rockin hoes and all that?

A: All of the new people i meet everyday. I have met so many down mutha fuckas thats its insane. i never thought that i would have got as far as i have already, so im just gunna see where it takes me. But i really love every aspect of the biz, i do it all from music, to promo, to web sites, to shows. i love it all.

Q: Knowing that a lot of chicks pass through this site from time to time I have to ask the question. Are you guys single, and how does the music life style effect your relationships, whether they be relationships measured by the hour, or by the months.

A: Were both single right now, livin it up, so ladies hit us up if ya interested, ya heard!

Q: This may be a little soon to ask since the release of your new cd was just a few weeks ago, but what are plans for injektion xl, and all of the people involved. Any more solo albums dropping in the future?

A: oh yes, were constantly at work on new shit. Right now im working on my new solo E.P. called Tkilla: "Step It Up". Thats due to drop around may sometime. Pro-Vok is hard at work on his brand new mixtape called: Pro-Vok Presents the "Mindfuck Mixtape Vol. 1" that will be droppin on 6/6/06 at for FREE download. we also release FREE promo tracks on the site as well to keep our fans bumpin. so hit up the site and download FREE tracks now!

Q: Whats your favorite album, thus far?

A: "Xtra Lethal" L.P.

Q: I'm always hearin about peabody's, all over the fuckin place. I'm from bum-fuck wisconsin, i no nothing but shit of your culture and local gathering joints. Where is peabody's, and why's it such a popular spot for shows?

A: Peabodys is basically our home venue. its located right in downtown Cleveland on E. 21st street. Peabodys is such a popular venue for our scene due to our booking agents gregg kelly and chris stark. There in real good with psy. records and strange and everyone, and they do good business so they keep on coming back and we keep on playin with them.

Q: We all know XL is more than just 2 guys, so take the time to give a shout out to your boys, and let the readers know where they can reach you.

A: i wanna send mad props out to you keith for holdin down this interview, and stickin with us through the years, i really appreciate it to the fullest. i wanna give props to pro-vok, dmize, kenny, dementid, 88, don shanks, dirty steve, frank bontempo, psych ward, the R.I.A., greg kelly, chris stark, spooky, the enitre C.W.B. click, dj cripple, all of our street crew over the U.S.A., all of our akron homies, all of our cleveland homies, and much love goes out to all of our fans across the globe that are keepin it Xtra Lethal everyday spreadin the word of this growing plauge! And to those of you who are reading this please check out for all the info on Injektion XL! Much Love, Tkilla-

I wanna end this interview by tellin err'body fuck what ya'll heard about injektion xl, they're comin up in the underground, comin to your door. Fuck your money problems, get your 8 bucks and buy their cd. Try it out, if you dont like it, dont buy their shit again. Its up to you to decide.

Mad props to Tkilla for doin this interview, mad props to Dmize for keepin in touch through the years. Best of luck on the new cd, and keep spittin those wicked lyrics.

So SInce I make labels for a bunch of cd's, I figured I'd make one up for Injektion XL as well, its an easy design, I've lost a lil bit of my touch over the time of not creating very many, but if I get the time, i'll create a 2nd label for it, when I get this site running full speed in intend on maybe doing some secondary labels for cds. IMPORTANT-> I'd like all of you to know that you should purchase their cd if you like their demo tracks (which you can find on their website), I believe in sharing music, but I also believe in supporting the artists, especially when the artist happens to be a friend of mine. So use the label to create a back up for your cd, or whatever you should use it for. But remember who put in all the work to make that cd you're listening to. MCL NINJAS!

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