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What Ya'll Have Said Bout The Site

People once in a while email me and say certain things, here are some of the fresh (& stale) comments people have made, thanks for the love and keep sendin it in. MCL ninjas!

[anonymus] i have to tell u i love u seriously i really love u really i do u think kinda like i do i love u sry cant stop sayin it but I LOVE YOU LO :-*

[blinkrejected182] this web site sucks and juggalos to

[anonymus] dark lotus is fucking gay!!!!! they want to fuck their moms. what a bunch of cock suckers. saying they want to hit it with there moms

[zonedout803] hey. this is another juggalo. props to your site. read it. made a lotta sense. most of your oppinions i agree with. but who cares what other people think. everybodys got their own opinions and thoughts.

One final thought. Keep doin what your doin. voice your oppinion, and do it without caring what others think.

[anonymus] I was reading ur site and you made me think. I havn't thought in a long time. So thanks. I don't agree with everything but a good 85% made sense to me. Keep it up mcl -->jessika<--

[madroxluver17] this site is bad ass more people need the clown love and when I find those who have I gots to give them props.

a juggalette named stacy

[juggalomiller] if some body dont know who dArK lOtUs is the they should not even know who they are. iv'e been down with the clown since they first appered. so if u are just finding out about the dark carnival now then good. if u dont like icp, twiztid, ABK, Blaze, and the super group DARK LOTUS then get out of our way cuz the wicked clowns are never gonna die, mother fuckers.


[gimpy2dope] your page is tight as fuck i love it keep up the good work iyou got alot of graphic skills 2 im tryin 2 work on mine good job

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