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Welcome to ClownicusJuggamus.Net

Random Updates

Gathering Pictures I'm like 75% through getting the pictures resized and all, they were like 3000 pixels by 2000 or somewhere along the lines, i been workin a lot lately so i really haven't had time to get it done, its in the works now though, so we'll see how things work out i hope to have them up sooner rather than later, i feel bad for not having them up right away, even if i havenn'jt updated my site in forever, i still intend to put the pix up, cuz for ya'll is the only real reason i took as many as i did.

Psychopathic Remakes: I compiled a cd (mp3s) of songs that psychopathic has remade, its missing a couple only cuz i could only fit so many tracks on, but if you'd like to download and check em out (and burn em to cd), just click the link at the end of this paragraph to do so | Remakes Download Page

Hallowicked Chi-Town Review

The Jugga-Breasts section is a fairly new section dedicated to ya'll who like to show off what ya got, you can even submit jugga-butt pics, in the future the sections might be divided, but thats the future. We accept breasts of all kinds, doesnt anybody judge on this website ... fat tities big tities perky tities floppy folded tities small tities no tities, all welcome, to submit pics email your ALIAS and your pics to the webmaster.

Website of the Month
Website of the Month


I finally got my injektion xl, not that they weren't quick about it, they were, I just haven't gotten a chance to get online here, BUT I got some fresh ass news for ya'll. I've finished interviewing Tkilla of Injektion XL. And I have it here for ya'll to read. For any of you's who's been wondering who the fuck they are, this is the place to figure it out! Much love to the ninjas over at for this fresh interview! MCL Err'body!

Check out the short review of the cd here


What JUGGALOS or even non-juggalos, i gives no fucks! This is some news from me and them go back a ways, we been cool for a while, tkilla wanted me to let YA'LL know that they're comin out with a new cd, the cd is called Xtra Lethal and its up now for pre-order at! They got a few sampler tracks for download on their website if you wanna check em out. Personally, they're both aquiring some mad skillz, maybe from the beyond, who the fuck knows. But i've heard some of they're stuff from when the first started, and the beats on these sampler tracks are pretty fuckin FRESH as hell, lyrics are pretty good too, oh you KNOW imma be preordering it, are you?

Now here's the ad and some info! ~~>

Injektion XL is releasing there Debut L.P. entitled "Xtra Lethal". This album includes 15 bangin' tracks PLUS xtra hidden bonus flavor! The disc features artists such as: Dementid, 88 Nova, Lunice, Dmize(A.K.A. Kkilla) and Spooky! The album goes up for pre-order on X-MAS DAY FOR ONLY $8! The album officially drops on 1/28/06 still for ONLY $8! To download the official "Xtra Lethal" sampler hit up NOW! Do not sleep on this disc, cause it is sure to be an underground classic in 2006!

For more info on Injektion XL and there shows, merch, free downloads, polls, and anything else Xtra Lethal be sure to check out the website at! Start representin' TODAY!

So even if you dont have 8 bucks to purchase the cd, or pre-order it, whatever, at least check out the sampler tracks they got up there!


Zapping my Stuff: So I'm lookin through some of the fresh sites on the top 100 psycho-pathic sites, and i realize theres this site jackin my cd labels, not like its new, some of my site may be stale, but i get hella comments on my cd labels, personally, i mostly made them just for me, but this "person" who has uploaded their shit to their server, called "cd covers" no credit (to my knowledge) has been givin anywhere on the page, maybe ya'll can prove me different [website] I'm not dissin the site, just wish some of these ninjas would give a lil cred ...

Here's a comment somebody left me thru my comments form
I didnt know how ninjas would react to a cd full of old ass songs that most ninjas probably think stale, but there's at least one ninja out there who gives a shit, lol ... the cd

" the remake cd u made is the shit fool... most of the songs (other than the old rock songs)i had never heard before thanks alot man that ghetto boys original is tight "

News: Forgotten Freshness 4 dropped, and i think its fresh as hell, I'm just waitin on the half dozen cds or so that are supposed to drop within the next year, you got the tempest, shaggys fuck the fuck off, which i hear is already in circulation on the internet (staleness, huh? fuckers), jamie madrox's fatso, abk's mudd face, samhein witch killaz hopefully this year, and god knows what else ... ah yes, soopa heroes ... idunno, prolly lots of other cds i'm forgetting, lol ...


I slowed up on editing the gathering pictures, but im gonna try and finish them soon, i finished another book for my highschooling n shit, man, i dont know how many of you ninjas have problems accomplishing shit, but once you finally get your shit in order, life is so much fuckin easier ... so anyways ...

I only got a couple more pictures to edit, then ill be putting the pictures up little by little, just cuz i mean, theres like 320 pictures or something like that, thats alot of uploading, a lot of thumbnails, so on and so forth, each file size is like ... 180kb to 300kb ... hopefully thats not too bad for you 56k'ers, i'll still be trying to show ya'll some love, but its really hard, even when i had 56k, to make a site that looks fresh and loads quick, ahh shit oh well

So as i read on (hoi) the big V - ICE might be signing to psychopathic, on there it says "guess who the next psychopathic artist will be" or something like that, but i dont wanna get too excited yet, cuz it hasnt been announced on psychopathic or vanille ice's website (here). But it'd be hella fresh if he signed, I guess v-ice said he was offered a contract and rude boy said it was true, theres always new people to be on psychopathic thats fresh, i'd like to see more ice/psy collabs ...

got one more jugga-breasts submission also ...

somebody from top 100 psychopathic sites emailed me and told me i should sign up, so i did, i mean i was signed up to some webring a while back, then it was shut down, but i'm glad to be in one again, we'll see how it goes, vote for me ...

Vote for this site @ Top 100 Psychopathic Sites


So I quit my one job now i only work one so i got a lil time to update, least until i get another job, man seems like juggalo world is falling apart, lack of big juggalo sites, esham leaving, zug izland hasnt been heard from too much, madrox blaze mono always been pretty seperate from icp, slowly moving away, mike clark coming back for a couple beats here and there so is team supreme still icp esham and lavel? prolly not ... ya just wonder about this kinda stuff, im not wiggin or freakin, just weird when you come back from not being in the loop and realize everything is different, we'll all always be here, and be family ... its just weird ... thats all.

This is still my site and its still up and all that, i still plan on getting it back in place, just not sure when, these days of furthering myself in life doesnt leave much time for shit, im tryin to get my highschool diploma so i can get a better job ya know? but anyways

GATHERING PICTURES now ... i used to see titties on tons of juggalo websites and i was cruisin a couple lately didnt see any, maybe the big sites stay away from em, but is there some sort of under our noses lockdown going on about internet porn, cuz i got some pretty crazy shots, im wonderin if its smart to be uploading all the titty pix i got ... ya'll email me and tell me what you think ( so anyways my girl is learning html and dreamweaver in college n stuff, so she might be partaking on this website, but her schedule is kinda cramped too ... we'll see where it goes ...

later for now ya'll


I know i haven't updated in a long ass time, mostly cuz i been workin 80 hours a week and my computer is no longer at home, ya know .. ill be moving out in february if everything works out like it should. Then i should have a lil more time, idunno man, i wish i had all the time in the world to work on this website it just doesnt really work like that, either way, this website will remain up, its at least got enough stuff for new people to be interested in ... i think ...

INJECTIONNXL: My main REASON for actually posting on here is my homie from injektionxl notified me of some info he wanted me to post. So here goes.

Read This - > SO, Injektionxl is a rap/hororcore group out of cleveland ohio they rock shows, the whole bit, they even did the opening ceremony show at the 2004 gathering, and right now they have a dvd available for purchase, only $8.50!! and that includes shipping and handling!!! Its live from the esham/blaze show that happened in cleveland, ohio on 9.17.05! So go check that shit out, click the link. (link)


Alright so the site is all changed n shit, the images and what-not, i'm just posting my babbling again so ya'll know im not here, to let ya'll know i haven't forgotten about ya'll, or this website .... everybody who reads this prolly thinks its sad that i even post something like that, its either take down EVERYTHING i've ever worked on and say site is under construction ... or i can just leave it all up, you can view old content, and get annoyed that theres no new shit lol go visit confuzions website (link)


Gathering Pics, Vids, & Review: So most of the pics i got are titty pics, most of the pics confuzion gots are juggalos and their costumes and just representin n shit, so between the two of us we should be all good, i'll prolly ask him to send me all his pics and ill post most of em up here, along with his link of course, i mean i give props, ya know. As for VIDS i got the Charlie Murphy sem/stand-up on tape (the stuff i got, not sure how im gonna convert it all over, might have to buy somethin and do it myself), but i got the full tech concert, almost full esham, couple blaze songs, confuzion got some of the miss juggalette, some of mack 10 (i think?), and im sure a whole bunch of other shit. I didnt video tape too much, just couple of concerts. REVIEW will be up when i get time to put it up, i've really been tryin to organize the site, get the new layout up like i said i would, and all that shit, so give me a while, im the only guy working on this site, lol. After all this is updated, i hope to get to the profiles, which have been stacking up, ya'll send so much love, mmfcl ninjas!!


Quick Updates:

Gathering: So I'm going to be leaving here in about 11 hours, i was hoping to have all the juggalo and juggalette profiles updated before i left, but my email server isnt connecting right now ... first time its happened in a long time, so bad luck on that ... as for my fast connection i've been wanting, i will have access to a faster connection the wed after i get back, unfortunatly ... i work that day, and will be working 60 hours a week still after that, but i do plan on getting the juggalette titty pics up that i shoot at the gathering, i will however, be doing my best on tuesday to get the new website layout up and all that ... itll have the same frames like always ... but itll have a set of new and fresh images taken at the gathering (if all goes as planned), so we'll see how it all plans out and come back here the week after the gathering for some shit ...


TItty Pics: I will be taking mad pics at the gathering, not just titty pics, just pics in general but i hope to get lots of titty pics, i hope it goes as well as i want it to ... the pics will be up sometime after the gathering, i have to have time to upload them, and thats gonna take a long time with 56k, but i can use my gfs net (which im going to be paying for mostly ..) after she gets her shit all set up and installed, so hopefully i'll at least have some diff mp3z up n shit lol ....

Confused Soul: SO my gf doesnt know too much about html and webmaking, but she has steady wanted to help out with the site, well ya'll should know she's goin to school this semester to be a mortician, this year its all just set up type classes, so she's decided to take 2 online cources on html and dreamweaver (maybe more after that?), but thing is, she'll prolly have more time on her hands than i do right now, so maybe between the bouth of us, we can get this site running, i think the only person i would trst my site to is her, she really is one of the freshest girls i know, and she deserves some love mail. It is so respectable to know she's taking classes, just to work on my website ... well, as soon as she makes updates, itll be "our" website, cj'net (for the third time) will again ... be a website ran by more than just one person (hopefully this time it works out better than all the other times, lol ...)

I LOVE YOU NINJAS AND NINJETTES, it is seriously fresh that you guys let me have this website, well i could run it w/o ya'll emailin and all that, but it wouldnt be fun n fresh at all ... it'd straight up suck, but to the juggalos n lettes that keep comin back and love this site, i love ya'll

MAD PROPS TO CHELE & JAY, you can find them on the forums ...


Weekly Freekly: So Violent J Dropped the new weekly freekly, i been very slow at copying the text and putting them on my site, but you all by now know that i am the fucking laziest juggalo on the face of this fucking planet, but ya know what, i dont give a shit, bein lazy is the fucking god damn shit. But cha'll should read the weekly freekly it is fresh as hell and explains a whole hell of a lot .... speciall a lil sumthin sumthin on the soopa villains:

Soopa Villains - Furious - August 16th

• Mr. Heart a.k.a. The Lady Killer
• Mr. Spade a.k.a. The Black Militant
• Mr. Diamond a.k.a. The Villionare
• Mr. Club a.k.a. The DJ Killa

So those are the soopa villains if you haven't already figured that out ... but who is who, and is tech n9ne in the group, eh, i dont know the answer to that at all, but i would just soon rather tell myself he's not, cuz then i won't be let down ... Im really waitin for this album, but it gets old when they keep all the same people in each new group they create, but like jay said, i aint expectin anything, cuz expectations only leave you stale, depressed and a shell of a god damn man, i dont know what im talkin about anymore, but peace out for now ya'll ...

Underground Artists: [add yours]

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