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Violent J's Weekly Freekly — As Seen On Insane Clown
Weekly Freeklies are the shit, its nice that violent j takes the time to type that shit out, let all us juggs know whats goin down. Descriptions of all of em should come soon, im a bit lazy when it comes to that, so .... yeh .. lol. This list, as of march 2004, will include violent j chats.

† 2002 — 2003†

Weekly Freekly 2002-08-27 ]:
Weekly Freekly 2002-09-03 ]:
Weekly Freekly 2002-09-11 ]:
Weekly Freekly 2002-10-02 ]:
Weekly Freekly 2002-10-24 ]:
Weekly Freekly 2002-12-23 ]:


† 2003 — 2004†

Weekly Freekly 2003-02-03 ]:
Weekly Freekly 2003-03-04 ]:
Weekly Freekly 2003-05-22 ]:
Weekly Freekly 2003-05-23 ]:
Weekly Freekly 2003-05-27 ]:
Weekly Freekly 2003-07-31 ]:
Weekly Freekly 2003-09-08 ]:
Weekly Freekly 2003-11-22 ]:
Weekly Freekly 2003-11-24 ]:
Weekly Freekly 2003-11-25 ]:
Weekly Freekly 2003-12-18 ]: Fatherhood, Billboard Music Awards & Backdoor Boys!


† 2004 — 2005 †

Weekly Freekly 2004-01-19 ]: Fuckin settles all that hateration speculation juggalo scandal bullshit we all been hearin, i call it bullshit, only cuz so many ninjas act as if psy is their life, which it shouldnt be, it should be something that helps their life, but doesnt control it. Cause bein a Juggalo isnt about being controlled, or conforming.

Weekly Freekly 2004-02-12 ]: Jordan Knight of the New Kids on the Block, J went to their concert and talks about it, and talks about chattin with Jordan Knight, He also talks about Dark Lotus (not really) Psychopathic Rydas, and some wrestlin info. Converse is Esham and Sawd Off is none other than Anybody Killa, although somebody said Buckshot is Abk and he's not usin Sawd Off anymore, who the hell knows, but read about all that phresh info Weekly Freekly here!

Weekly Freekly 2004-02-13 ]: More wrestlin info (which I find no interest in, but cha'll should read it if you're wrestlin ninjas) some info on the Violent Wear and also some shout outs by the great and amazing violent j!

"Nobody Fresh" Chat — 2004-03-02 ]: Hell's Pit Hell's Pit Hell's Pit

"Nobody Fresh" Chat — 2004-03-03 ]: Hell's Pit, Music Video, Kane Hodder, Scandal, etc

Weekly Freekly — 2004-04-26 ]: Violent J talks about the Lotus Tour, and about some college professor chick that teaches "unity" amont people, and uses "Juggalo Fam" as an example, also talks about the lotus tour some more, anybody killa workin on dirty history, also talks about abk bein in an indian parade, abk on the road by himself, this summer. New sub-psychopathic labels, alex abiss. Jokers card saga, 2 endings, shangrila and the pit. Also talks more on the pit. Talks about them not bein all gospel, not bein all satanic. Thats it, now go read the full thing, you shit hole!

Weekly Freekly — 2004-04-29 ]: Violent J talks about the lotus tour being cancelled, about people being sick and all that shit. He also says there might be a mini-pre-hells-pit tour for those cities that got cancelled on, with cheaper ticket prices. Also talks more about hell's pit, basically trying to hype it, which is working, cuz every fuckin time i hear about J talk about hells pit, i fuckin get all pissed off cause i cant hear it until August, lol. But anyways, thats the main rundown. More info inside.

Weekly Freekly — 2004-06-29 ]:

Weekly Freekly — 2004-07-01 ]:

Weekly Freekly — 2004-04-29 ]:

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